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Posted in Uncategorized on September 12, 2012 by vroomgrrl

Dear Pat,

Just a quick note to follow the last bit of a bomb-drop. I’m still here! And we have some new friends checking in. I’m fairly certain you don’t read this thing, and even more certain that very few people ever read this thing. But now that I know a handful of folks have come clicking over here, I’m all self-conscious about leaving that last note just hanging out there. So here we are!

I’m sat in a dumpy hotel room in west Alabama, getting ready to slip into my gladiator costume for a day of top secrit gubmint work. Most of a year has passed since I penned my last note here, and things are good. Soon after I wrote that, I learned that I would not need any chemotherapy or radiation. That’s a relief! I had said I’d snapped back from surgery like a rubber band, but when I wrote that, I didn’t have the benefit of hindsight that I have now, to tell you that the rubber band lost a bit of its snap for awhile there. I thought some of the physical (inside) changes I experienced early on might last forever. The most bothersome of those are…well, pretty much back to normal. My follow-ups so far are all clear. WHEW! Most of the changes of the past few months have centered more around managing my energy and my time. 

Speaking of which, my writing time is gone for the moment. Time to hop into the fleet car and take on the day. More later, promise!