Hot Diggity Dayam! Laguna Seca!

Heya Pat,

I wasn’t able to see the race until Sunday morning, but I knew how it ended on Saturday from Jen’s blog updates, and let out quite the big hoot while everybody else in the bar was watching a football game. Hubby and I have run away to the beach for a long weekend to mark our 5th wedding anniversary – our favorite place, Dauphin Island, Alabama. Nothing but sun, surf, and a great mix of physical activity and total ass-sitting.

So there I sat (on my ass, obviously) refreshing my Smarter-Than-Me-Phone over and over to see what was going on in the final moments of the race. Seriously, I love all the “redundant” coverage, because you never know what’s going to work, for whom, and where. Where I am, my phone and the blog were my only way of following the race in real-time. Everybody else was watching the Alabama Crimson Tide. Me? Staring at my phone! And when I saw Joerg had pulled it off and won the thing, I was so thrilled for you guys! Thanks to ESPN3, I was able to watch a high quality replay of highlights on my laptop this morning. Hell’s bells, that was some driving! Finally a great big win for you two. I assure you that all of your fans are over the moon for you! Just like me!

Well, and your race engineer, too – they had a camera on the Lizard pit box as the race ended, and it was such a treat to see Thomas Blam’s face light up when Joerg came across the finish line in first place. Ear-to-ear smile on that guy – well on both of them, I’m sure, and surely you, too.

Alright. It’s amazing I was able to get a connection here, but I am shutting this thing right back down and getting back to my ass-sitting, and then I need to rest up so I’ll be up for lots more ass-sitting tomorrow. Hee!

Congratulations on the fantastic win today!!


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