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How You Look At It

Posted in Pat's Races on September 30, 2011 by vroomgrrl

Dear Pat,

You are enjoying a breathtakingly gorgeous day at Road Atlanta for Petit le Mans, and I am enjoying it here from home in Birmingham, Alabama. Oh, how I hate that I can’t be there with you guys! I got in touch with Thomas B and asked him to give you special good luck from me, same from all my friends who will be there, many of whom I know you know. Sniff!

So I was thinking what a rough year it had been for you, but you know, that’s really just the case in ALMS. I guess it all depends on how you look at it. Because in many ways, it’s been a crazy great year for you. In fact, in trying to catch up with today’s WC race results, I see that you WON THE 2011 WORLD CHALLENGE CHAMPIONSHIP! And Porsche has the manufacturer title in that series, thanks to you, in large part. So that is fantastic!

And of course, I am over-the-moon thrilled that my friend and real-life-sometimes-driving-coach, Mike Skeen, came in 3rd in the championship for this year. I am so proud of him. He’s having a great year, and getting some really fantastic rides and some awesome support. And he is taking full advantage and showing what he can do. He will drive anything with wheels, and he’s such a quick study. And just a great guy. So proud of him!

OK so this weekend, I am hoping you and Joerg bring the #45 home in first! That would be so great. I know it’s a total crap shoot, and in a ten-hour race, anything can happen. Literally! At least we ought not need rain gear and row boats to get around Raod Atlanta this year, right? Looks just fantastic. Thomas says the car is really strong. I’m pulling for you guys! Let’s see what happens.



Hot Diggity Dayam! Laguna Seca!

Posted in Pat's Races on September 19, 2011 by vroomgrrl

Heya Pat,

I wasn’t able to see the race until Sunday morning, but I knew how it ended on Saturday from Jen’s blog updates, and let out quite the big hoot while everybody else in the bar was watching a football game. Hubby and I have run away to the beach for a long weekend to mark our 5th wedding anniversary – our favorite place, Dauphin Island, Alabama. Nothing but sun, surf, and a great mix of physical activity and total ass-sitting.

So there I sat (on my ass, obviously) refreshing my Smarter-Than-Me-Phone over and over to see what was going on in the final moments of the race. Seriously, I love all the “redundant” coverage, because you never know what’s going to work, for whom, and where. Where I am, my phone and the blog were my only way of following the race in real-time. Everybody else was watching the Alabama Crimson Tide. Me? Staring at my phone! And when I saw Joerg had pulled it off and won the thing, I was so thrilled for you guys! Thanks to ESPN3, I was able to watch a high quality replay of highlights on my laptop this morning. Hell’s bells, that was some driving! Finally a great big win for you two. I assure you that all of your fans are over the moon for you! Just like me!

Well, and your race engineer, too – they had a camera on the Lizard pit box as the race ended, and it was such a treat to see Thomas Blam’s face light up when Joerg came across the finish line in first place. Ear-to-ear smile on that guy – well on both of them, I’m sure, and surely you, too.

Alright. It’s amazing I was able to get a connection here, but I am shutting this thing right back down and getting back to my ass-sitting, and then I need to rest up so I’ll be up for lots more ass-sitting tomorrow. Hee!

Congratulations on the fantastic win today!!