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The Year of Me

Posted in Me on April 4, 2011 by vroomgrrl

Hi Pat,

It’s crazy time around here! I don’t even have time to be writing this note. We are going on a big adventure, my husband and I, to celebrate my upcoming 50th birthday. Fifty freakin years. And Pat, I don’t feel a day older than you look! Hahah! But really, I don’t. When you are 50, you will know exactly what I mean. Strange, that.

Anyway. so I dubbed this, milemarker 50th birthday year, as The Year of Me, and I’ve been doing all sorts of stuff I want to do. Starting The Year of Me off with a trip to Daytona – and getting my hair done the day before I left. JUST BECAUSE. Following through with getting my 911 ready for the track. Getting signed off to drive solo at Barber! And all along, the feature event began to take shape. A great big trip to an exciting, very very far away place. The original plan began as a trip to experience a big week or so of Le Mans love this summer. I have relatives all over the world, and was sketching out this awesome itinerary all around Le Mans, with stops to see family along the way. I could rent a Porsche….

But then! Then an opportunity to do something even special-er came along. And you know if it beat out going to Le Mans for the first time, and taking a great trip around Europe visiting familly, it had to be really special. I’ll tell you all about it when we get back! In the meantime, I have a list about ten miles long of things that I have to get done in about a quarter-mile’s worth of time! So off I go. Wish us luck.

And drive real purty while we’re gone!