“The Lost Spyder” – a Mystery Novel by Sean Michael

Hiya Pat,

Wonder where this weekend will find you? Hmm. I could go check! Well anyway now that you are driving in the WC series, I need to go check their schedule. Is there a WC race in conjunction with the Indy Grand Prix of Alabama, mayhaps? Ooh I will hate it if you are right here and I don’t get to see you! Alas, I will be away for that weekend.

So in my last note, I alluded to this post, in which I want to tell you about my friend Sean Michael’s first mystery novel called The Lost Spyder.

So there I was, walking across the parking lot of the Cantina restaurant from where I’d just parked my 1988 911. It was the night of our monthly club social with my local PCA. As I approached the restaurant, I saw a couple of men and a woman standing at the open trunk of a speed yellow Boxster. One of the men was getting out a box, and taking something out of the box, and handing it to the other man. I overheard as I passed, “Yeah, it’s my first novel….” So me being me, I walked up on the conversation.

You see, we needed a speaker for our next club meeting. And his book, a mystery involving a search for a long lost Porsche 550 Spyder, sounded like a great feature. I listened to him talk about the book, and he’s just a great guy. His wife Kristy was equally engaging. So that’s how I learned of Sean’s book. We hatched a plan to have him be the guest speaker at our next meeting.

IMAG0463Then the club gang decided we needed a special venue, since Sean was willing to actually bring his 550 replica which is just gorgeous (and sounds great!). So we chose Ted’s Garage in downtown Birmingham, which we learned had just been taken over by a team including John Copeland of TRG fame. John is a fantastic supporter of our local club and I was so happy to get to see him and get a little caught up with him. Awesome guy. We got the details worked out. I was standing in the venue chatting away when I heard the 550 motor fire in the distance. My head whipped around in the direction it came from, and I saw it coming across the street from where they’d off-loaded it. What a beautiful piece of work, a really nice replica. Yes, I know you’ve driven the real thing!

IMAG0469The evening was almost magical in feeling. The space just has this great feeling with fantastic cars stacked floor to ceiling, historic endurance race posters everywhere, along with other memorabilia. It was one of the first great warm spring-ish evenings, and they threw the actual garage door wide open, giving us this huge indoor/outdoor space to mix and mingle. Sean had prepared a presentation with some history of the 550 Spyder, and some backstory on the writing of the book.

IMAG0470He’s a great speaker, and it made for a wonderful night. He brought a box of books and stuck around to sign them for folks. He sold the whole box and could have sold two! All good things must come to an end – and I managed to capture a little snippet of him driving the car back out of the venue to load up for the ride home

Our friend Dede has posted her review, and links to some of Sean’s short videos about the book. I need to figure out how to put a copy into your hands. If you enjoy a good, quick mystery, you’ll love it. I loved that part of it was set in Birmingham, and got a kick out of recognizing touches of several local characters and places.

Here you go, please click thru to Dede’s write-up, and have a look at Sean and his book. Watch your mail, I’ll find a way to get one off to you before…um, before, well. I will tell you about that next time!

Porsche 550 CLICK HERE for more on “The Lost Spyder” – a Mystery Novel by Sean Michael.



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