Pat Long: From Behind

Hi Pat,

You must still be reeling from your balls-to-the-wall racing weekend. I re-watched both races uninterrupted online last night, at least the footage they have out there. The TV broadcasts will air around April 8, I think (bad fan!). I’ll have to miss that. But I’ve been watching all the in-car video Mike Skeen has posted. In the second race, he started from the back (engine change from the bang-up in race 1). He finished in 3rd. And he gained most of that ground in the last 10 minutes of the race, which makes for some great watching!!

Big congrats again on your weekend sweep, too! The more I watch the race footage, the more amazed I am at the depth of your skill. And Mike is a real talent, too! He has posted video from the first race, and he spent a little chunk of time at the end there nipping your heels. Wanna see what you look like from behind? Here ya go, he catches up to you around 5:20:

You really are at a place in your development as a driver where you can drop in and master whatever is before you. Any car, any track, any format. I’m sure part of the reason you are so successful at everything you do is that you choose your opportunities well. And dayum you are just gooood! Such a joy to watch at work. I know you know what I mean, because I know you get that same joy watching others do well, on the track and otherwise. The talent. You’ve got it good. Just awesome. And very entertaining. So allow me to thank you for that, and for being so great about keeping your followers so entertained with all the social media and stuff.

Anyway enough about you. Snort!

IMAG0544Parting shot: My friend Tom from Denver, the SCCA corner worker who related my best wishes to you in the autograph line on Saturday at St. Pete, well he needed a place to crash on his drive back to Denver. In his Honda Civic that has about 350,000 miles on it. Seriously! Last time I saw Tom was when he was down to work Petit le Mans in 2008. It was sooooo great to have him here at our home, even for just a little while. He got here late and left early, but we got lots of catching up done in our short visit.

Alrighty then, lots going on, lots to do. I’m already working on my next note to you – it involves the 550 Spyder. Stay tuned!



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