Double Whammy! Way to Go!!

Hi Pat,

OK OK well you showed me, didn’t you? Ha! You know I was over-the-moon thrilled to see you take home the trophies this weekend, back to back victories in St. Pete! Yes, I really wanted it for Mike Skeen, but if it wasn’t to be for him, I’m glad it was you with all the booty at the end of the weekend.

And what a weekend it was! That course looked super challenging. And given that it was a real street course, passing opportunities were scarce. Add to that the challenge of multi-class traffic and oh my stars, it was some wild and crazy racing! You are so at the top of your game, too, to drop into a format like that and dominate. Incroyable!

Mike had a mixed weekend. He was so close on your tail in the first race but that S2000 incident took him out. Then on Sunday, he was in the back and worked his way all the way up to P5, and ahead of him, you were dogging Sofronas for the lead. My jaw just dropped watching some of those passes. The live feed, which was available for replay soon after the race, was not a real production, and while they had several cameras in use, it wasn’t..well, produced. I am hoping that the final broadcast version will be much better in terms of showing the real action.

For example, on the live feed/replay, you are doggong Sofronas one lap, then the next time you come around, you’re in the lead! But the announcers fail to notice until about 2 laps later, and there’s no information about how that happened. Same with Mike Skeen. He worked from the back to P5, and by the last lap he was P3, but I have no idea how that happened either. He’s going to be posting some in-car video and I cannot wait to see that. He said it was some of the wildest, craziest racing he’s ever experienced. He loves it, and I’m so happy for him to have a decent ride for the whole season.

So in Pat Long Fan Club news, you must really be thinking I’m a stalker by now. First Eddie from Redline with his phone call during Daytona 24. Then my corner worker friend from Denver tells me he stopped by the autograph table and told you, “VroomGrrl wishes you all the best this weekend,” (using my real name) and he swears you seemed to know whom he was talking about. I know you probably recognize me as one of your many fans when you see me out 2-3 times a year. And I do keep this blog and all. But I promise you, I am not going all stalkery on you! I have some great friends who love to look out for me.

So you’re not mad at me for rooting against you, are you? I hope not. I have never claimed to be the PERFECT fan, but you know I’m almost always rooting for you, right? Except when you run up against Skeen. I may have to split my loyalties, depending on how often that happens as we go forward, or maybe there’s a way to be all Zen about it and root for you both and let the Universe sort it out. Which is what happens anyway. This weekend proves that the Universe does not necessarily take my preferences into account when choosing race winners. LUCKY FOR YOU, BUDDY.

OK OK OK really I’m done with that for now. Until the next WC race, anyway.

Again, heartfelt congratulations to you and your team for the back-to-back victories in St. Pete this weekend.

Life calls…back soon.


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