Your First Pirelli World Challenge Victory! CONGRATS!!!

Hi Pat,

I trust you are taking all my teasing and taunting in the good spirit which it’s intended. I hope you are. Because…it continues until the checkered flag tomorrow! Muuuhahahahahaah!

IMAG0523 The race was streamed live at and you know I had that baby up and running today! I was secretly glad to have been sidelined from autocross today by my tire that won’t hold air. Because I was able to watch you guys go at it. What a crazy race! Early and looong caution, and then a real 5-minute sprint to the end. That was what, 3 laps??

So there you were, leading the charge! And right on your heels, MIKE SKEEN! You got some space between you a couple of times, but once you caught up to the back of the pack, the traffic got dicey. I understand how this works. Traffic can either create your opportunities in a race like this, or it can be your undoing. I not-so-secretly hoped that you would get caught up behind a slow car and that Skeen would get his chance to get out front! Well, here’s how you described what happened next as reported at

“Mike was running very strong and certainly keeping me honest,” Long said. “As we came into the back of the traffic on the last lap, the black S2000 lost it just coming out of the first of the double rights in the back session. I missed him narrowly, literally by inches, and unfortunately that left Mike with a blocked racetrack and I was able to just slither through. It was unfortunate for him, good for us, and that’s what it’s all about with multiple classes.”

pat long 45 truspeed wc st peteAlas, you got right around that little incident that caught up Mike. Dammit! Heartbreak!!! He got the car fired and took off with bits and pieces of his front end left behind on the track, and timing & scoring shows he finished 9th. He just emailed me to let me know that the car is going to be good to go tomorrow. Maybe you two will end up splitting the weekend! Hopefully it will not be quite as messy.

That course is absolutely breathtaking. I doubt you have time to enjoy it as you’re driving it, but the aerial views and panoramic shots with the water behind yall are just gorgeous. Looks like nice weather, too.

So the autocross I had to miss today? The mayor of the small town where it took place came down to the civic center lot where the event was going on, and WALKED OUT ONTO THE HOT COURSE, ignoring the safety stewards who yelled at him and ran at him to stop him. They had to red flag the driver on course and deal with this buffoon, who made the club give up half of their space. That they paid to use. THE RENTAL OF WHICH HE HAD PREVIOUSLY APPROVED. Unbelievable. They got the course redesigned and had an abbreviated day of it, as it turned out. I’m guessing the club will be looking for a new venue!

Crap. Tornado siren? Eegads. Bye for now!


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