P1 – Long, P2 – Skeen: What’s a Girl to Do?

Dear Pat,

Wow I had no clue this was brewing! My friend, Mike Skeen, about whom I have raved to you in previous notes, is in the No. 2 CRP Racing Crager Wheels Corvette in the World Challenge races at St. Pete this weekend. I’ve had my head up my own ass the past week, heavily involved in my work and trying to get my own car out on the track this weekend (AL SCCA Solo Points #1!). I have two friends working corners at this race in Florida, one who’s flown in from Denver at Turns 10-11, and my other buddy from here in Birmimngham, I’ll find out where he is.

AN. Y. WAY. One of them posted the standings in qualifying to Facebook and it came up on my new, smarter-than-me-phone, and wow, I was so psyched! I read up a little. I’ve confessed to not following you as closely as perhaps your Ultimate Platinum Level Fan might do, but if you had said anything about this in any of your press before this week, I think I’d remember. Looks like it came together rather last-minute….

Long’s journey to the front of the grid for Saturday’s opening round at the 14-turn, 1.8-mile temporary street circuit was an eventful one. Signed just this week to drive the No. 45 TruSpeed./Privacy Star/Entrust Porsche 911 GT3, Long arrived from another commitment in Germany in time for Friday’s on track activities. Quickest in the opening practice during the morning, Long set out during the 20-minute qualifying knowing he had a shot at pole position.

I kind of love that you guys are competing against each other! Did you set a lap record? I think you did. Awesome! Now, while the title of this note would suggest that I am in a quandary about who I should root for, I am really not at all concerned or divided in my loyalties. Not a bit. ONE of you has my absolute 100% support in this race. And only one of you. The other of you…MUST GO DOWN! Please don’t be mad at me, Pat, but I am rooting for my buddy Mike Skeen to kick your ass this weekend!!!!

Are you surprised? OK, look. This is how it is. In ALMS? In Le Mans? In NASCAR Camping World East AND West? Zuhai in the Hybrid? Australian V8 Supercars? Daytona 24 in a DP Porsche? I’m your girl. The last time you and Skeen met up, perhaps the first time? Was Daytona 24 this past January. And while I supported Mike’s efforts at Daytona, I was your girl there as well. You are my number one man. But my buddy and real-life kinda-coach, Mike Skeen, is just getting a foothold, long-deserved, in pro racing, and as far as I’m concerned, he’s just gotta get out there and kick you to the curb and do his thing. And by the way, his thing happens to be being the underdog and kicking the ass of the rock star. (It’s not lost on me that that has, at times, been YOUR thing as well….go figger!) Look ouuuuuut! SKEEEEEEN IS COMING FOR YOU!!

OK OK sorry I don’t want to be mean to you. You know I’m crazy about you. You know I’m a HUGE fan, probably, literally, your biggest fan. I have been your faithful one-way correspondent here on this website for over two years now. It’s not called “Dear Mike Skeen,” is it? No. You are my main man MOST of the time. But right now, I’ve gotta root for my awesome friend in his awesome Corvette!

Being a racer and a gentleman, I know you understand.

I do wish you well! And I absolutely do not want you or your car to get hurt in any way whatsoever (I know you had an off earlier behind a slow car and then a flat, and even then you kicked ass!). But this time? Look out, my friend. My OTHER friend Mike Skeen is COMING FOR YOU!!!!!!

Tons of love,

PS I just stole the tiny mini air compressor out of the PCA door prize box in the back of my car and am using it to pump up the right rear tire of my 911 which has gone down to 10 lbs. WISH ME LUCK getting to, and hopefully competing in, autocross tomorrow!!


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