A River Runs Through It

Dear Pat,

Fw: pca march 2011 deLife has been happening so fast since I came back from the 24 Hours at Daytona! But at long last, today I got my 911 out on the track. PCA Driver’s Ed weekend at Barber Motorsports Park. A stuck passenger side window sidelined me for my first run session, but I was ready for the 2nd, and oh my heavens, THE RAIN. It got heavy as session 2 ended. By my 3rd session, there was standing water everywhere, and it just kept coming. I have done driver’s ed in my 911 in the rain before, but not at a track like Barber. WOW! WOWOWOWOWOW! Simultaneously the scariest and most rewarding thing I think I have ever done.

Fw: pca march 2011 deAnd speaking of happening fast, you know what? I am too damned tired to finish this note I’ve started. I may come back later with some photos. We are hoping for better weather tomorrow, and my instructor from today says I am going solo for the first time tomorrow. I’m soooo…so…so…WOOOOO! Haha! Must hydrate, get a good meal, and then to bed.

More later. Promise!


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