Can’t Always Get What You Want

Hi Pat,

vroomgrrl and FLM45 DP car 2011 daytona garageWell I know this weekend had its ups and downs! From Joerg putting the car in pole position in qualifying to Seth’s rotten luck on his first stint Saturday. The team got the car back on track, and you all did an admirable job climbing back through the pack, but it just wasn’t to be this time. Just goes to show – you can have every statistical advantage going in, but it’s a 24 hour race. The good news is – anything can happen. The bad news is: ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. I was so sad to see the car retired in the 23rd hour! All your fans were. And I’m sure nobody was more disappointed than you drivers & the team. I sincerely hope that Flying Lizard campaigns the DP car as many Daytona 24s as it takes to win one. Next year!

All that said, it was a spectacular weekend of racing! The days were bright and clear, just warm enough, with a light breeze. Last night was mostly clear and cool, and the early morning brought a shroud of fog so thick the caution lasted over two hours. The finish was pretty amazing, too! A real dogfight for 2nd place.

skeenMy friend Mike Skeen had his disappointments this weekend as well. The #56 Bennett Racing Ferrari F430 Challenge car was out when I checked around 3am. It had been in and out of the pits for several hours, and at some point it retired. I’ll have to go dig around for the details. Anyway, it was so fantastic to see Mike and his band of buddies who put this effort together. Just taking that driver introduction walk at the beginning and getting to drive a few stints – I know for sure he is a very, very happy man.

So next year is the 50th birthday of the 24 Hours of Daytona! That’ll be a perfect endcap on what I have decided is THE YEAR OF ME, my own 50th year. I’m “jus doing it” all year long, and this weekend was my first step in that direction. It would have been great to have had my husband along with me. But racing is not his thing, and the weekend is the busiest time for his job (taxi driver) so he took a pass on this one. He and I will have to head to the beach together soon.

IMAG0160In the end, I decided to keep my hotel room for the night. I didn’ get much sleep last night. In fact, my worker friend picked me up in the van and took me to the coolest spots behind the scenes on the track, just like last year. The inside of the bus stop! It was so cool with the cars flying by so close. Once all that fun was done, I moved my car over to the nearly deserted Porsche corral and parked. I fired up my computer for a little while to see Liz Moses doing her live trackside 24 hour marathon coverage, which was a scream. She is awesome. During that two-hour caution for fog, I wrapped up in a jacket & blanket, grabbed my pillow, and went to sleep for a bit.

And woke up a 10:00 surrounded by hundreds of cars, with people milling all around me. Ha! Nice 4-hour nap! I quickly got my shit together, went to the restroom, got some breakfast, and enjoyed the rest of the race. Bittersweet in a way, but I have good friends involved with TRG, so it was great to see them get on the podium. IMAG0170

I took my time getting back here, and actually moved to a much nicer room where I should be able to get some sleep tonight. Then I made use of the last of the beatiful daylight to get my car ready for the long trek home. I took her out and ran a few errands to get her up to temp and checked the oil. Perfect. Tire pressures are all good. I torqued my lug nuts, gave the glass and mirrors a real good clean-up, got the trash out, and got everything sorted to leave by five in the morning. Now a bite of something for dinner, then early to bed. I’m whooped!

me and my 1988 Porsche 911So I’ll have to start digging around the web to see what my favorite driver is up to. I know you’ll be doing the full ALMS season with FLM but you are into so many other things, and you don’t exacty publish your full schedule on your website! (not saying you should either). I’m sure you’ll be going in a thousand directions and I look forward to following you for what promises to be another incredible year.

Wishing you safe travels home,


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