Live from Daytona!

Hi Pat!

IMAG0119 It was great to see you this afternoon on the grid, and to wish you luck in person. And to identify myself as the person on the other end of Ernie’s phone call last night. Eek! Anyway, I’m back at the hotel for a little rest before I go back for the night. When I doubt I will get any rest!

IMAG0090It’s off to a rough start for you guys. Of course, I was in my car heading back to the hotel when your car went off at the bus stop and messed some stuff up, requiring repairs, and putting you down around nine laps. 16th place last I checked. I have it on TV of course. Well 24 hours is a long time, and you just never know what will happen.

IMAG0109I had the car number wrong for my friend Mike Skeen. It’s FIFTY SIX. Bennett Racing. I’ll come back later with links. And they thought they were down for the count when they crashed the car in practice. But their team put it back together and they were down to the wire this afternoon, taping and pulling and pushing and grinding and bending and a guy weaving all around them slapping on decals and stickers as the various places were “finished.” And…..they’re out there! So! The #56 Bennett Racing Ferrari for the GT class win, and the #45 Flying Lizard Porsche Riley for DP and the overall win!

Now I’m closing everything down and getting some real sleep. I’ll be up all night, and through the race tomorrow. I’ll get another nap, but then I’m heading back on the road home right after the race. IMAG0120

Keep at it – you have the fastest damned car and 20 hours to pick em off! GO GIT IT!!!!!!


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