Ernie and the Telephone Call

Hi Pat,

IMAG0072OK look that was really weird! I thought Ernie Becker was kidding when he handed me the phone and said, “Here. It’s Pat Long. Yes, really! Talk!” I could not believe he just pulled you away from whatever you were doing to talk to your #1 Fangrrl. The first thing I said was that I was sorry we’d interrupted you and you said, “NO APOLOGIES!” and so I just made the best possible use of my brief chat with you and told you I was looking for you to take the whole thing tomorrow and good luck!

Wow that was pretty cool. But also a little embarrassing. Come on. I’m just shy of fifty years old. Squee does not look good on me! Well, what can I say. Squeeee! Haha! Thank you for being so gracious. You have some fantastically wacky friends! All that aside, I am really looking forward to seeing you and Jorg pilot the DP car tomorrow to a great big-ass win!

Ernie and I met at dinner this evening at Daytona Ale House. Some of us who frequent the 911 forums at had a little Daytona meet & greet. These are boys, I’m usually the only girl, and as often happens it fell on me to see to the details. Which was fine! We had a great space reserved on the patio and a super server. And name-tags! And a sign! And a really, really good time. Ernie was there with the rest of his RedLine Services gang, who kindly shared him with us for awhile. It was great to see everybody, and meet some new folks. Some of them are drivers, some crew, some vendors, some Porsche-owning race fans. Great bunch of guys, and a really nice time.

The drive down here today couldn’t have been better. It was a beautiful day, and my car was flawless. And fun, fun, fun! There’s always this little nagging doubt when I take my car on a long drive. It’s 23 years old, anything could happen. But ten hours and 600 miles and she was ready for more. I swear, I have never had a car that was so, so solid. LOVE my car! IMAG0064

Ok well I’ve got some homework to do here. Some of my friends are out, others placed really well. Two people told me a Ferrari bit it today, and I just hope Mike Skeen and the #86 Bennett Racing Ferrari are in good shape for tomorrow. Of all the drivers out there, I want to see Skeen take GT.


I’m going to go check the stats for today then hit the sack. Early start and long day and I cannot wait!

GO GET IT!!!!!!!


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