Daytona, Here I Come!

Hi Pat!

Wow what a day for you guys. DP TRACK RECORD AT DAYTONA! POLE POSITION FOR THE RACE! Sorry I’m shouting. But that is just so great and I am so proud of you guys and over-the-moon happy for the whole team. I cannot WAIT to get there and see the whole thing in action.

And I’m SO excited! I got my favorite worker assignment – worker shuttle driver on the midnight shift Saturday night. That means I am scooting all around between the corner stations, often with unparalleled views of the action from perspectives few get to see. I AM STOKED!

So as I knew it would be, the week was a bear, since I am taking tomorrow off to make the trip down. I met all my goals at work and got all that behind me, then had a whole shitload of errands and appointments and other personal things. But I managed to get my hair done! I swore after looking at photos from last year that I would not be caught looking like a dead rat ever again! I don’t know what I’ll be looking like after my overnight work stint, but by God, I am stepping it up a little bit this year.

And I am tickled to be driving my 1988 911! I had my shop give it a pre-road trip once-over, and I got their blessing. There are never any guarantees, of course, but I have done all I can to be sure everything is in tip top shape for the trip. So!!

TRG is doing 24 hour trackside commentary, hosted by the awesome Liz Moses. I am really looking forward to seeing her again, and the whole crew. Lots of catching up to do with everybody. Speaking of which, I still have a million things to do before I can get out of here, not the least of which is to get some sleep ahead of the 10 hour drive in the morning. Up at 4, out the door at 5.



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