Moving Target

Hiya Pat,

I was all ready to post a little note here about how the excitement is building as I get closer to Thursday, my departure day for Daytona. I’m sure you are already there, or soon on the way! Anyway there I was minding my own business, reading some stuff on the internet, and I came across something that bugged me. I think it might bug you, and if my suspicions prove true, this is going to bug Porsche Cars of North America most of all.

Apparently, when the City of Austin, Texas is trying to conjure up an image of the biggest asshole drivers on the road that they can think of, they think, “PORSCHE.” Check this out:

Can you even believe that? On the one hand, I find it hard to imagine a city creating and hanging something like that without getting the proper permissions. I suppose it’s entirely possible that they are legally licensed to use the Porsche image on their poster.

On the other hand, though, would Porsche do that? I know they like to partner with local law enforcement in different ways. But this is such a negative portrayal. I would be hard-pressed to come up with anything more negative, actually.

They don’t use this image on any of the print materials in their online e-toolkit for this initiative. There, it shows a truck with a little red convertible sportscar in front of it, no Porsche. Maybe this banner is old news and Austin is posting last year’s stuff. Still! If Porsche went along with this, I’d be surprised. Now I’m curious as hell.

So ask around up there in the stratosphere at Porsche and let me know, wouldja? Because in the meantime, all the Austin, Texas area Porsche owners are worried that they have a target on their backs.


Now – back to DAYTONA! Nothing new there for me right now except I will be really crunched at work this week to get all my work done before I leave. Which I think will have to be between 2 and 4AM on Friday. Stay tuned!



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