Hi Pat,

Well this is damned exciting, seeing the Flying Lizard colors on the DP car! I guess you’ll be running GT the rest of the season in ALMS but it gives you guys and the team a chance at taking the 24 overall, and I am among the many fans of yours & the Lizards who look forward to watching you take it all. So exciting!!

That fantastic photo by Bob Chapman Autosport Image is linked directly from the Flying Lizard website, thanks yall.

Looks like you guys had several challenges shaking down the car today. Seth reported the smell of fuel in the cockpit – hope you get that straight. I’m sure the challenges will just keep coming – right on through the 24. I had such a blast down there last year. I am definitely going back. I’m staying at the same hotel, and just waiting to see if I need to buy tickets, or if my friends will have extras like they did last year. The Grassroots Motorsports Magazine ticket packages sold out already, which is a serious bummer.

I’m trying to get hold of somebody with PCA down there to be sure I can park in the corral, because i’m going all out and driving the 911 down this time. Yeehaw it’s gonna be awesome! If GRM is out, and if I can’t hook up with PCA…well let’s just say I’m not driving my 911 all that way to park it in some distant lot and shuttle in! Nosirree that won’t do. Anyway, details. It’ll all work out.

Here in Alabama, we are preparing for Snowpocalypse 2011. They are actually forecasting 4-8″ of snow and ice here between Sunday night and Monday. Usually when they say it’s a sure thing, we get a weekend of pouring rain. We’ll see what happens soon enough. I’ll try to come back with photos if it gets interesting.

So, good good luck in Daytona. Have a great run of test days, then come back, and kick some ass! Woo!



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