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Killing Me Softly

Posted in Uncategorized on September 22, 2010 by vroomgrrl

Hi Pat,

All of a sudden, here we are nearing the end of the season. Wow. You and the #45 are having a great year! YOU are all over the place. I hope you are enjoying yourself as much as it would seem you are.

So this week begins the big wind-up to the Petit le Mans at Road Atlanta. I cannot be there, and it is keeeeeeling me! Of all the years to miss! I can hardly believe I will not be there but dadgummit, life! I have tickets to a jazz show Friday night. I could still make it over for the best part of the weekend, if not for the birthday party I’m attending Saturday afternoon. A friend is turning 90. NINETY. I want and need to be there. And it’ll be great!

But still….with each mention of the race in the press, each Tweet and Facebook post of my friends who are already there or on the way there…it’s absolutely agonizing. This is going to be such a hot race! And there’s so much else going on, the Porsche 911 hybrid – oh hell, the whole freaking thing.

It’s just not been my year for motorsport – driving, working, or watching. Would you believe I am still waiting for my tires and rims to come together? I thought surely it would all be finished up by September 18th when I was signed up to drive at Little Talladega but that has come and gone and I’m still waiting. It’s OK. Well, it just is what it is, is what it is! What can you do? I’m just me, no sponsors or team support or anything. Just me, and lately, as the sole support of my household, well let’s just say that I’ve had to tweak my spending priorities and racing has had to take a back seat.

So! Chin up, then! The good news is that I’ll have some breathing room soon. Whew. And my rims are actually very close to being done. They’ll be much sturdier than the lug-hole-wallowed, corroding chromed ones they’re replacing. And they’ll have brand new fresh rubber on them. There are a couple of track days coming up at TGPR, and I have my eye on a few other Fall events. In the south, the “off” season is very short. Hell, you can find something going on anywhere if you look.

I’m already making plans for the 24 Hours of Daytona. Hope to start 2011 off right – again!

Keep drivin purty!