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Driving and Crying

Posted in Me, Pat's Races on June 13, 2010 by vroomgrrl

Hi Pat,

Well first things first – 24 Heures du Mans! Oh my. I never cease to be amazed at the way these 24 hour races go like gangbusters right through the entire 24 hours. So much can happen, and does. It seems job #1 is just staying alive to the finish. You, Pilet and Narac were fantastic in your #76 Porsche. I saw the Vettes P1 and P2 in GT2, and thought I could probably live with a win from them, some loyaly to the great Corvette brand of course, but you know I was rooting for Porsche, you and the #80 in paricular.

So the #80 Flying Lizard car. I just cannot imagine the disappointment of hauling everything it takes to compete in 24 hour race around the world and have the whole team & all that huge machine of human and other support working there for a full week, drapeau vert, and four hours later it’s over? Talk about driving and crying!

Anyway, the 24 was a superior race, exciting for the whole time (most of which I watched excep about 1-4am) – incroyable!

So the title of this entry! My little race car is still sidelined. My wheels are still in Pascagoula, and I am having a hard time getting in touch with the guy who’s working on them. No worries – he’s a friend & wouldn’t screw me over. I suspect he hasn’t done a thing with them yet so he’s dodging me. So still no competition – I’ve skipped another autocross event since my last post, and that sealed my fate – I am now ineligible to compete for points. Not like I was competitive anyway, but I do have goals and I was hoping to get full season in at last. Not to be this year. C’est la vie.

I’ve been pretty good about at least starting and driving my car at least once a week, but a mound of “life” intervened, and before I knew it, a whole MONTH had gone by and I’d not so much as opened the door on my 911. Finally a couple of weeks ago, I planned an hour out of the day for a drive. I had to rinse the DOG HAIR off my car! Shameful, I know. I’d tucked it under the deck, and the dogs’ had been sitting right above her. Got her cleaned up, checked things over, got in, and she started on the first try, bless her heart.

I had a super enjoyable drive, cruising around town, and taking some big easy back roads where I could really open her up. Wow. I turned off the stereo, settled into my seat properly, and took in all the beautiful feedback my car provides. Without any warning, I had tears running down my face. These older cars are so physically feedback-intensive. It’s been a stressful time, and it was just a huge sense of relief, with a little touch of “WHY DON’T I DO THIS MORE OFTEN???”

So I did it again yesterday. No tears. Just 100 degree heat! My car’s AC doesn’t really do any good at all so it was like riding in an oven, but once I got out on the interstate, windows down, all was well. I took a longer trip, to Tuscaloosa and back (120 miles round trip). It was another fanastic drive. As long as these tires will carry me around (balding, but no cord – I just avoid driving in the rain for now), I’m going to be sure I get her out once a week.

A dear friend called me from Montreal where he worked yellow flag at turn 10B of Cirque Gilles-Villeneuve in the F1 race today. It’s been a race-full weekend! I didn’t get to see all of the F1 race, and apparenly I missed some good stuff. Can’t wait to get the behind-the-scenes story when he calls later tonight.

Meanwhile, you are all over the world! I saw on Twitter that you were in Atlanta, then off to Le Mans, and in between, I think, coaching Ron Hornaday at Road America? Well I’ll be watching for you in ALMS and wherever else you might be running.

Be safe and keep driving purty,