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Laguna Seca Lock-Out!

Posted in Pat's Races on May 22, 2010 by vroomgrrl

Hey Pat,

Wow what an exciting way to win a race! I guess they must all feel like that to you. I know qualifying was rough, and you guys started at P8 I believe. I was only able to catch bits and pieces of the race, but you were around P4-P5 for awhile, then I saw that Jorg was up to P2, and then back to P5 after pit stops in the last 90 minutes or so. Then P2, and next time I checked back it was VICTORY FOR #45! Once again, the overused word, “AWESOME,” is called for. I am not a big fan of week-late replays, but the technology was pretty bumpy for the live streaming video coverage, so I will actually try to tune in for the replay and see just exactly what you did and how you did it. You sounded so excited in the victory-lane interview, it was great to hear! has a nice feature on the Flying Lizards available for download by clicking HERE.

It’s been awful quiet around here, I know. My car is pretty much sidelined until I can get my new tires. My wheels are off being touched up in southern Mississippi, and I was so looking forward to the trip to Pascagoula to pick them up…that is, until a bazillion gallons of oil got spewed into our precious Gulf of Mexico. I swear, I have been seriously depressed about this disaster! I can hardly talk about it. Anyway, when the wheels are ready, we’ll make the trip down, oil or not.

I was supposed to compete tomorrow but I’m laying out this event. See above re: tires. Plus a few other reasons which compel me to lay low with the competition for now. My job has been rather hellish, and that has been really zapping my energy and my spirit. I wish I was in a position to just tell certain people to kiss my ass, but I do not have that luxury.

Well this sucks for an update, but there ya go! I was just so excited to see you guys take this race! It was, as you said, a downright “dog fight” from the last green flag. Awesome work! CONGRATULATIONS! Now on to Le Mans!

Au revoir!