Guess We’ll Find Out

Hi Pat,

Looks like you went to the races tonight! Twitter is fun for catching little glimpses of everybody’s goings on. I haven’t really gotten set up for Twitter in terms of posting updates and photos. New phone will help! Lordy this is geeky. Yeah.

Anyway. Tonight I went to dinner with one of my autocross friends and competitors – one of the handful of women who drive. She picked me up in her Miata, and we drove topless through a gorgeous evening to a downtown hotspot to have dinner and catch up a bit. You know, it’d been years and years since I rode in a convertible. What’s up with that??

The Irish half of me has the rest of the story down pat and this is how it goes: I bought her drinks, then as any friend would, took custody of her car keys and insisted on driving back home. Hee! It was awesome!!!!!

OK OK I didn’t really scam my way into the driver’s seat. Actually, the real story is probably better. She had a cognac after dinner. When she’d finished it, a waiter brought her another, and said, “Gentleman at the bar sends you a drink.” She had recognized a friend who came in earlier, but no, it wasn’t him. “Grey shirt, end of the bar.” So, of course, it only took my friend a minute to catch the guy’s eye, and he comes over and chats her up a bit. Well, sort of. He mostly just tried really hard to speak a tiny bit of English – with a very Austrian accent. He was very attractive (!!). He asked if we spoke German. “Nein!” we answered together.

Yeah, yeah, cuteness overload! The point of all this is that the last drink put her into the buzz zone, and she handed me her keys without a word when we got up to go. I happily took them, and made THE MOST of the drive back, taking a favorite route that flies around a curve and shoots up a big hill. You have to catch the lights juuuust right, and we did. Wheee!

Obviously, the best part of the evening to me was zipping around downtown Birmingham in the Miata. What a fun, tight little car! We have an autocross event this Saturday, and we are swapping cars for a few runs. I’ve always been curious whether I’d be more competitive in a car that was “easier” to drive. I guess we’ll find out!

My friends in NC were doing a Supercar Sensations thing today. That’s a whole nother subject for a whole nother day, but in a word? FUN.

Late. Must go. Be well!


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