Holding Course

Hi Pat,

You guys are doing an incredible job staying in the top 3 for all of the race from what I can tell. I’ve not had time to just sit and watch. I have both Radio Lemans and FL Team Radio streaming audio going at the same time, and the video on the TV in the other room, the only TV that gets SpeedTV. Love hearing the radio. Marc is in the car, holding P3, a little light-hearted ribbing and laughter.

So my 911 is packed to the gills and I’m about to shut down this computer and take off for Atlanta. A big nasty weather front is heading this way, so I’m driving out a couple of hours ahead of it. I’ve got a cheapo room to crash for the night, a pocket full of quarters for the air machine at the gas station in the morning, plenty of energy beverage & water, and I’m outta here.

I can’t wait to get to my next stop and fire up the rest of the race. God-willing, I’ll have Speed at the hotel. If not, I’ve got the internets. Cookies baked for hubby, cat litter changed, rain gear packed, off I go.

Yall keep up the good work on track!!


Several hours later…..random thoughts

Horrid traffic jams on the way here, just stupid flukey stuff. I’m tucked into my little motel for the night, with the race on TV, and Lizard team radio streaming on the computer. #45 is P4, you are at the wheel. #44 is P5. Just a few laps to the final pit stop. Races are won and lost in the pits. Go Crew! GO LIZARDS!

“Richard is getting dressed right now.” I guess he’s getting into the #44 at their pit stop. I wonder if there’ll be a driver change in your car. I can probably tell reading the FLMS blog. Or, well, there you are being interviewed on Radio Le Mans so you are out, and timing & scoring shows Marc Lieb in the car. Sounds like you guys are resigned to 4th. “The racing gods were not with us today,” is how you put it. T&S says 30 minutes remain. Hey, anything can happen. Let’s see what does….

“Well we finished fourth last year and we won the championship so that’s a good omen. Good job, guys…” I don’t know who that was, but I love it. SOunded like the 90 or 92 spun in the last lap, I thought the Radio Le Mans announcer said that they gave up 2nd place doing so but it doesn’t look that way from the final results. Last minute drama…..eh OK I think the BMWs just switched places.

So – 4th place – congrats, Lizards! Great race!

From post-race interviews, Risi – “It was like qualifying, every lap!” Balls to the wall for 12 hours. Fantastic racing!
They’ve been saying Leh Keen would be the man to watch, and indeed he was. Juan Gonzales was precious in the post-race interview. This was his 20th Sebring! Leh was born of the PCA club race scene. Boy does he look massively tall on TV!

Risi and the BMWs were impressive. The Corvettes would have been if they’d not taken each other out. One thing that’s amazing to watch is the traffic with the LMP/LMPC and GTC cars.

Finally checked back to see some of the details I missed. Saw video of the #45 tire incident. OUCH. So much of it comes down to luck in the end. I know that you always go out to win, and that not getting on the podium can be a bummer. But as the man said, you started last year taking 4th here, and went on to take the class championship. Re-peat! Now off to Long Beach for you. And to a big coned-off parking lot in the morning for me!



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