Season Starter

Hi Pat,

Well all of a sudden, it’s here! In the dead of winter, it seemed like this day would never arrive. Tomorrow, it begins, the 2010 ALMS season. I’m so proud of you guys for putting the #45 on the pole! I wasn’t able to keep up with the goings-on today since I was busy at work, but I checked the blog for results, and I’m listening to the Radio Le Mans podcast as I type. So exciting! You came in behind the BMW, but they were disqualified in post-race tech, so you’re up front! Drive it like you stole it, guys!!

As for me, I have a lot to do tomorrow. It was a seriously busy week at work, with lots of travel. Tomorrow I need to get my car ready for my autocross school on Sunday. I’m looking forward to trying out my top secret tire pressure tricks recommended by FBR guys! I’ve got to check the weather to figure out when to head for Atlanta. The event starts at 9am Sunday. To drive over the same day, I’ll have to be up and out by 4:30am local time (I lose an hour going east). Or I can spend the night. I was thinking that if the weather was lousy for the morning and better Saturday night, I’d head over and get a hotel Saturday night. But I would actually save some precious tire tread driving in the rain so….undecided! Oh, the drama! Ha!

One way or another, I’ll have a busy Saturday and a fun Sunday. In between it all, I’ll be watching SpeedTV to see how you guys are doing, and listening to Flying Lizard Team Radio and Radio Le Mans to fill in the gaps. I am curious if any rivalries have developed during testing and practice, on the track, or off. I heard some commentary suggesting the Corvettes were sandbagging. I’ve heard that said about you guys, too. Tomorrow will tell the tale!



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