Pat’s Take on Sebring

Hi Pat,

You’ve got an update on your site with your post-Sebring comments. Got me thinking about how dynamic these race weekends are. Especially with the crazy competition this year, practice and qualifying will yield information that will be immediately put to use tweaking and seeking perfection in car, driver, and team prep. In the first few races especially, there are ways in which it will ALL happen in practice and testing, the plan will take shape, the Thomas Blams will take it all in and spit out the winning strategy. You said the 12 hour race at Sebring was almost tougher than the 24 Hours at Daytona. I’d be curious to know how that works. Seems 24 hours would be twice as tough as 12 but math is not my strongsuit!

There are a couple of autocross schools being offered this spring, and while I wish I could do the 3-day, my schedule won’t work with that one. I found a one-day in Atlanta on March 21 offered by PCA. This will be after my AX test & tune, but before my first points event. Perfect! Maybe I will keep it a secret (except from the two readers of this blog!) – it’d be fun to come out looking like I’ve figured it all out and see all those jaws hit the pavement. I guess that’s the good thing about setting expectations low. I really want to at least pick up where I left off last year, having shaved about 20 seconds off my first run as compared to the earlier part of the year. I don’t want any of that 20 seconds back! I hope to pick up close to where I left off or even better, and make some progress from there.

The classing in autocross mystefies me. I am honest about mods to my car so I am in one class. Others “fudge” about their mods and they are in whatever the fuck class they want to be. Everybody knows it. This doesn’t happen in regional and national events, but locally, I don’t know. There is no heavy that I know of to put others in their correct classes. They have added a tire class you can add on to your car class and my head is already spinning trying to figure it out! I will make a few calls in advance of Saturday and make a decision about which class to run in. Last year I was in BSP (novice). Technically I would still be in BSP this year, maybe in a tire PAX class. Do you see the smoke coming out of my ears? Ha!

OK well I’m on the road and have a super early morning so I’m outta here for now. I am really looking forward to seeing you do your thing this year. Am I going to have to search out the camping world event driver lists east and west to see if you are running any of those this year? How about Le Mans? NOT THAT I’M IMPATIENT OR ANYTHING!

Bye for now,


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