Sebring Test Days

Dear Patrick,

I did my best to keep up with you guys this week, but I wasn’t able to do much of that. My job demanded most of my time and energy today. But it was a nice little respite when I could check in, to read Jenn’s FLMS blog entries through the past couple of days. I will assume that things are going well – lots of changes, tweaks, back and forth to the garage – which would be why the call it TESTING! For real, I know that your engineers and mechanics have a big job this year. The class is so competitive, and seems to be ever-changing! Hopefully you guys are figuring out how to get all the go-fast out of those Lizardmobiles possible. Great machines, great drivers – should be a great season of racing!

Email brought awesome news from my friend Mike Skeen today. I’ve mentioned him here before. He is a driver of rare talent, a true sportsman, and just a great guy. The kind of guy you want to see make it. Well! He’s hooked up with Bennett Racing, and they are campaigning a Ferrari F430 in Grand Am! I am over-the-moon thrilled for Mike. The Bennett Racing Ferrari will debut in April at VIR, where Skeen and Skip Bennett will drive. The Bennett team will do the rest of the season without Skeen, who’s committed to Agee Racing for the 2010 Trans Am season. But he’ll be back with the Bennett guys for the 2011 24 Hours of Daytona. Looks like I’ll be making a return visit to Daytona, and whom will I be cheering on then? My real life friend and one-time driving coach? Or my imaginary driving coach? Well, of course, I’ll be cheering you both on!

OK, this post has been up on my computer all day. Time flies! Hope you are happy and well, wherever you are!



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