Le Mans 2010 Test Days

Hi Pat,

As usual, I’m a little mystefied by the relationship between “Le Mans” and “American Le Mans.” Le Mans still has the same classes as last year; ALMS has streamlined. I saw a headline that the list of cars for Le Mans Test Days was out, and of course, went to see if and where your name came up on it. I’m not freaking out this year at not seeing your name! The #76 IMSA Performance Matmut car is there with Raymond Narac and Patrick Pilet listed as drivers – that’s the car & team you did Le Mans with last year. So I will chill out and see how this develops over the next few months until the race. Test days are March 6-7.

Following you on Twitter, I see that you escaped Boot Camp for…was it Amsterdam? Now there’s a town! I have only spent a single day there back in the late 80’s but I will never forget it. Incredible town, and I was young and crazy enough to really enjoy it! Anyway I don’t know if you’re done boot camp or where you might be but I know things are starting to heat up for the season.

One thing I’ve been curious about, and shame on me for never asking when I’ve seen you in person, but would you consider a spot on the USF1 team if it were offered? I don’t know all that much about it, except that F1 is an international class that’s considered by many to be the most prestigious and most exciting in all of auto racing. You’ve driven the prototypes, and you’ve said many times that you want to follow in the footsteps of other world-class drivers who have mastered all forms of racing, including F1. I don’t really understand the politics of it all. Perhaps I should study up before I actually do talk to you about it.

Which I will, one of these days.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, my first official event is in less than two weeks! My local club’s autocross test & tune. I’m getting so much encouragement from my autocross friends, which is fun. Enough of them have driven my car to have figured out that with a fast, skilled driver behind the wheel, the car can be competitive! No excuses. I’ve got work to do this year!

Track events will take something of a back seat this year as I’ve said earlier. I’m still trying to juggle things to get out to autocross events in other areas that are still less than two hours away, east and north. I need to get the last schedule that just came out, sit down with my calendar, and make a plan. My husband kind of blows off any kind of planning, but the way the world works, I find that without some planning, all sorts of opportunities are missed. Too many other people are looking way far ahead enough in life that if you don’t do some of that yourself, you are left behind! And I’m not one who likes being left behind. I’m all for impulsivity and going with the flow, but at the same time, I find real value in having a plan.

Speaking of which, we have our cash flow situation in better shape, and my very first impulse was to grab the calendar and find a weekend we can take to the BEACH! My husband and I love love love taking road trips together, and we both find time at the beach to be completely restorative, for us as individuals, and for us as a couple. It’s been a HELL year around here, a couple of those actually, and man are we ready for some restoration. We have taken just one weekend to Atlanta together in the past year, no beach time at all since my father’s death in 2008 come to think of it. That’s not good. And we’re about to correct it by planning our little beach break. We usually go to Dauphin Island, but I think we’re going to check out the other side of the Gulf at Fort Morgan peninsula this time. More on this later.

The Olympics are my constant background media right now. So very exciting. I love the winter sports. I’ve never skiied myself, or ice skated for that matter, but I love to watch. Speed skating may be my favorite sport. Figures, huh? “Acceleration out of the turn is where he pulls away from everybody…” The parallels with driving are many and fun to explore. Love seeing an African American take gold, Shani Davis takes the Men’s 1000m speed skating gold medal just now. Awesome!

This weekend it’s all about the Hondas, our daily drivers. I finally took my husband’s Honda to the axle shop on my day off and got the left CV boot redone, and those guys put new front brake pads & rotors on for me “while they were in there”. That car needs new front shocks and a front-end alignment, and that should have it 100% roadworthy. On my Honda, I need new front brakes & rotors, too. They could both probably stand to have the brake systems flushed, we’ll see how much time my weekend mechanic has and knock out as much of this as we can.

My 911 died from the cold, just the battery, and once I got it jumped off on Sunday, I took it out and had the most awesome little fun run around town. I love that car way, way, way, way too much! Felt so good to get her out. I’m still trying to get the correct Hawk performance pads to put on there, and when I get that done I’ll get the brakes flushed & bled and that car will be ready to go.

OK I’m just rambling now. Hope all is well with you, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing!

Itching to drive,


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