Boot Camp

Hi Pat,

I'm sure this helped!

I’m finally looking back into Twitter, signed up following you there, and I think that’s where I saw that you were off somewhere for fitness assessment, and then off to Porschewerks factory driver boot camp in the Canary Islands. Not much of a break for you! I am really looking forward to hearing more about your plans for the coming year. I know you’ll be in the Flying Lizard #45 with Jorg again, and that is going to be a great slate of races. I love that the ALMS season will end with Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta! But how about NASCAR for you this year? Any plans to run in the Camping World Series East and West again? I got the biggest kick out of seeing you heft those stock cars around the ovals, and you were awesome!

My own season is shaping up. I’ll post my plans here once I have things buttoned down a little better. I think I’m going to stick to my idea of focusong on autocross, and so I am currently looking at events at two sister clubs within a couple of hours of here to mix in with my local club autocross season. These clubs actually got together to coordinate their schedules to minimize conflicts, as there’s a big bunch of folks who try to run and actually compete in all three clubs. For me, this means opportunity to do an autocross event every week if I wanted to! No shortage of seat time. And I will be doing some track events too. I’ve had an invitation to get involved with a rallycross team as well, which I would LOVE and will definitely do a little of. So many possibilities, so little time!

Spencer was AWESOME in the 24H of Daytona, leading the GT cars for a good while.

Another thing I’ve wanted to try is a Darkside DE program out at Roebling Road. I’ve avoided going out there as it’s a seven hour drive each way, with a weekend of hard driving in between. I worry about killing my car! But man, I really took to heart what I saw on the grid just after the 24 Hours of Daytona was over – these 911s are TANKS! As long as I’m on top of basic maintenance, I should be fine for a long drive. I go back and forth about saving tires, and not wanting to tempt fate: the same analysis I applied which resulted in me taking the Honda to Daytona instead of the 911. Only the slightest regret about not taking the 911 – she’d have been fine, I think. So I’m reconsidering this whole long-drive-avoidance thing. Trailering is another option, but I’m not quite ready to go there yet.

Great to make a new friend in Liz Moses from Team Polizei

Seeing photos of myself from Daytona was jarring. I’m pretty unhappy about putting on a bit of weight in the past year, so I have fired up my own damned boot camp. It’s called working out five days per week at the gym I’ve joined (cardio and strength training). And hiring a trainer. This is the success recipe that’s worked for me in the past. I’m too easily put off by my unfamiliarity with my new gym, the machines and their set-up and all that, and I have just not gotten into my workout groove since moving & joining the new place. It’ll be a little longer before I can arrange the trainer situation, so in the interim, I’ve picked up some at-home strength training DVDs and fired those up in the guest room using my exercise ball and hand weights. It’s a nice slow start back to my routine. Hopefully I can find a trainer who likes early mornings, since knocking out my workout first thing in the day is how I like to roll.

But it’s on! I’ll be so much more comfortable in the car, and sharper I’m sure. And I have a longer-range goal, too, which I’ll discuss another time, maybe. It might be oversharing. Let’s just say that my post-gastric-bypass-surgery body is in need of some surgical alteration, and I’m seriously considering it. Dropping the excess pounds and getting my musculature shaped up is key to success there. OK sorry if that’s too much information…

I’m still waiting for my friends to post their photos from Daytona. They all had these fancy cameras with telephoto lenses and all that, and they took thousands of photos. But that’s also the problem – they have thousands of photos to sort through before they can be uploaded. Some of the Thursday shots are up, though, and there is some great stuff in there!

There you are, giving an interview in the pit during the last hour of 24H of daytona.

One of these days I will not be quite so starstruck when I am near you, and if circumstances permit, I will actually have an intelligent conversation with you. Imagine that! Hahaha! So far it’s been, “Do you mind?” and holding out my camera to snap a photo with you. The many things I’d love to talk to you about fly out of my head. Well there haven’t exactly been chatty opportunities, either. Five minutes before race start is not a good time. I’d make the shittiest news reporter wouldn’t I? Maybe I should think about it like that. For the blog! For the blog!

Wow this got long. I know you’re shocked.

As if you are even reading! I slay myself!

Enjoy your gorgeous Canary Islands weather – nothing but snow & cold stateside!



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