Recovering from Rolex

Hi Pat,

Well I had to jump right back into work this week and it’s taking me awhile to get up to speed. I ran on adrenaline all weekend and crashed hard once I got home. Wow what a weekend! I am still playing catch-up. Let me just say that I feel like a total Cinderella again. For a totally impulsive trip, the whole thing could not have been better! Well maybe if my husband had come along, that’d be nice. But otherwise it could not have been any better.

I’m waiting for my friends to get all their photos posted, and I’m working on putting some video together. I’ll say this, unless a person is hooked up with a team, it is hardest to keep up with the race while actually at the track. It’s easier to watch it on TV if your aim is to actually follow the race. Of course, there’s no overnightcoverage of the 24 hour race.

Days later…

Let me go ahead and get this video up. Still catching up and recovering! More soon…

Oh – of course, I was out of the loop for your Daytona 2010 race notes posted to your PCA blog over the Daytona weekend. Doh! Nice to read them in hindsight, thought.



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