Hi Pat,

Things are coming together. I’ve made an executive decision to leave the 911 at home and drive my Honda down to Daytona. The bottom line is I am tempting fate by pressing her into a 20 hour 1000 mile drive before the start of my own driving season. I’ll be traveling alone and not in a position to McGyver my car together should anything go awry. And a few other reasons. This was the right call, as I immediately felt some sense of relief at not having to worry about my sweet old car.

As luck would have it, I have some work down in Mobile, and I’ll have to head down there Thursday, then go from there to Daytona on Friday. I was scrambling to find a hotel room for the race weekend, but my friends with the condo insist that if I bring a sleeping bag, there will be room. It’s either that, or a $300/night hotel room so the sleeping bag is looking fantastic. They may have tickets for me, or if not, I can get them at the gate, no biggie there. So as I said, it’s coming together.

I’m getting even more intolerable, if that was possible! Now I’ve got to get the Honda road-ready, and leave a day early, so I’m scrambling a little, but with the hugest smile on my face. I’ve been following some of the media, and saw a great photo of Hurley posted online today. Hurley! Will this really be his last race ever?

At least some of you were testing at Sebring this week and when I heard that I was all, “WTF?” Wow. What a schedule. You looked so excited on the TRG video. I like how they did a little feature on each of the teams, showing all the cars and drivers (TRG Youtube link below). They’re very nicely done, and watching them, hearing the drivers’ excitement, seeing and hearing the cars in action, it made my heart go pitter-patter!

Links for me:
Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona Schedule
TRG YouTube channel

Well I have been going and coming from this little update for two days. Time to let it fly and begin the next chapter.

See you in Daytona!


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