Hi Pat,

As I said in my last note, “you just never know.” Or something like that. Since that note, there have been some new developments in my husband’s job situation – he’s hired, and got his first assignments. Hooray! I’ve been wheeling and dealing here and there, and it looks like I will get to wish you good luck in person.

In fact, I am so excited about making the trip down for my first 24-hour race that I have become completely intolerable! My poor husband. He’s not interested in making the trip, so I’m coming down on my own, probably in the 911. I got fresh front brake pads on her Friday, got the tires balanced, new windshield wipers, basic things to be ready for a long drive. I’m still not 100% about which car to drive down – 1000 more miles on last season’s tires before I start my next season on the same tires? Part of me says, “What the hell!” and the other says, “Don’t push your luck!” So I’ll get back to you on that.

But Honda or Porsche, it looks like I will be there! I’ve emailed a couple of folks to let them know about this surprise development. I’m looking forward to seeing Thomas Blam down there, and some of your TRG teammates I’ve met at Barber and Road Atlanta over the past couple of years. A bunch of friends from both Birmingham and Atlanta are making the trip, though most of them are flying down. Too far to drive. To an endurance race. That’s kind of funny! ANYWAY.

So the next few posts will be full of me gushing and squee-ing about Daytona. I’m already envisioning the video concept, and the working title, wait for it….”VroomGrrl Does Daytona.” Hee! I’ve got the schedule and I am going to pore over it a bit and figure things out. I’ll drive down Friday and crash stay somewhere, then spend Sat-Sun for the race at the track (yes I think I am going to stay at the track for the whole 24 hours!) then crash stay over Sunday night and drive back Monday.

I spent this morning at Barber with a club tech session. It was held in the museum’s basement restoration workshop, an incredible facility. Afterwards we got an insider’s tour of the back of the work area, and the storage areas where there are hundreds upon hundreds of George Barber’s motorcycles stacked on racks up to the ceiling. Truly awesome!

The formerly rescheduled winter drive also went out from Barber this morning, so the museum parking lot was chock full of jawdroppingly gorgeous mostly vintage cars. A real treat! All in all a wonderful day. Now I’m up way too late, my mind abuzz with thoughts of Daytona. I would love to borrow a decent digital SLR camera for the trip, though I do have my own awesome film camera setup. Not very travel-friendly, though. There are a few things to take care of on the car. Packing to think about. What’s the weather supposed to be like?

I guess you are at your Florida digs, in race prep mode. This is going to be such an exciting professional racing season, and it starts next weekend! Then a few weeks later, my own little season starts up. More on that another time. For now…

Looks like I’m Florida-bound! See you there!


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