And So It Begins

Hi Pat,

It feels like the “off season” lasted about a week! Here we are, looking at the start of the exciting 2010 season! Awesome! My huge thing at work came together in a great way, and everybody left singing Kumbayah. So my schedule for the end of January is suddenly pretty clear. If only my bank account would cooperate! My husband has finally found a job. Kind of. He was “hired” but hasn’t actually been assigned any “work” yet so no “pay” has happened yet. Ugh.

Anyway! You just never know about these things. There are several big variables at play, timing is everything. Suffice it to say, if there is any way on God’s green earth that I can be at Daytona, I will be there. In the 911. In the Porsche Corral. Attending my first 24 hour race in person. Watching Hurley for the last time. Seeing the original Lizards united in a powerhouse team on track. Meeting Vic Elford! Oh my GAWD my total ultimate driving HERO! Sorry, we’ve had this chat before. If I can work it out, and “working it out” includes getting my ass there for Saturday and Sunday and sleeping in my car if I have to, I am gonna be there. The clearing of my schedule was the lynchpin. All bets are off. Watch me!

OK. I am nothing if not occasionally overconfident.

Moving along.

I have my own little season here in Alabama to think about, and things are sort of coming together there. I had been yacking about focusing on autocross since I thought I’d have the best chance of excelling there. And I started to rethink that a bit, because I have been honest with them about the mods to my car, and in my class, competition will be very, very fierce. So if I define excelling as something other than ever getting on the podium, that is highly unlikely. I could have that big breakthrough soon and start seriously kicking ass, but who knows. There’s some great track stuff going on, but, OK, last time, it’s so much more costly, both in money and in time, to keep up a busy track schedule.

Certainly I don’t want to be without a plan, though, so I will gather my various club schedules, and see what I can work out. There is much more available to do that I am able to do, which is great. I can drive autocross in three different clubs within 2 hours’ drive, and several clubs have track events at Barber and TGPR. The club I have “free” registration with (from amassing worker credits) is not coming to Barber this year. Closest will be Road Atlanta – four weekends! I might be able to get into their HPDE1 for the December one and take on Road Atlanta for my first time to close out the year. Again, we shall see!

The year really started with the winter drive from a couple of weeks ago. I realize I left out my favorite picture, this one here that a friend got of me in the line of cars staged on the gentle part of the unplanned icy off-road mountain stage of our drive. So glad people got some of these photos! And tempting me already is an open track day like the one I did in late November, cheap and lots of seat time. That’s this coming Monday 1/25. Aww hell that’s right before Daytona…

I’ve been watching the web for news about you. Looks like you came in 4th overall from Roar Before Rolex 24. Excellent! I am so excited about this race I can hardly stand myself. I cannot imagine the excitement that must build as you drivers and all your crew folk prepare. Now let’s see if I can just work my way down there….

I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can….


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