Hey Pat,

I got a little confused about who was doing what this weekend, but TRG has posted some updates which answered most of my questions. They’ve made some big last minute changes, and I am so super excited about the five cars they’re running this year. I don’t know what Kevin’s doing but it looks like he must be doing it right. This picture is awesome!

If I remember correctly, you and Jorg were originally announced as drivers of the #66 and let me look back and see who else was to be in that car. OK it was Seth and Johannes (Neiman and van Overbeek), same as now. As of the latest news, and this will probably stick since this is the configuration you’re running for testing this weekend, the whole lot of you are now driving the #67. The green on that car and on your suits will go nicely with your helmet! Ha!

Speaking of fashion, my hair is wet and I have to dry it before I go to bed, which I need to do ASAP because we’re heading out early for the Real Deal Polar Bear Run. The original one got postponed due to…wait for it…cold weather. Ha! Some of us have an event on the day they rescheduled for (1/23) so we decided to do the run anyway, just a fun run for friends. Next thing I knew, thanks to Facebook (HATE), an alternate Polar Bear Run, called Polar Bear Run II, had been born. It looks like half the clubs that were coming to the original (hundreds of cars) are now also coming tomorrow as originally planned. We have no clue! It should be interesting. We’re starting at Barber Motorsports Park and then embarking on a driving tour of covered bridges. The high tomorrow will be about 25.

So yeah, off to dry my hair. More on Daytona next time!


P.S. Bobby Labonte! LOVE IT!


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