It’s Already Here!

Hi Pat,

There I was all hunkering down for the off-season, and in two days (TWO DAYS!!!) you will be down at Daytona for testing. Unbefreakinglievable! Wow. I’d said I wish I could go. I couldn’t now if I wanted to – TWO DAYS. Did I mention?

My friends who hosted the Virtual 24 last year will be in Daytona this year, and nobody else has the maxed out simulator set-up that guy has which is what made it sooooo much fun, so that party’s not happening this year. I’ll sure be watching, though. You are probably already there. It really snuck up on me. Man.

Let’s see. So are Franz and Thomas with you also? I am pretty sure I read that Thomas would be going with you. How exciting this is going to be! I’ll have to search out some radio coverage.

My weekend should be fun. I’m taking my dirty filthy car to a fun ride called the Polar Bear Run. It’s all the local car clubs – Birmingam British Motoring Club, Ferrari Club, Mercedes, Lotus, Mazda, Mustang, and of course Porsche. In fact, I believe the Porsches will lead the whole ride. We will meet at Barber, do some parade laps, then hit the road to take a driving tour of covered bridges. This assumes that any possible snow we get between now and then is melted and the roads are not too nasty. Yes, snow. It’s barely 20 degrees here at night and we have another week or so of unseasonably low temps. In previous years they drove over to Talladega Superspeedway and did parade laps and a tour over there – would you believe I’d actually prefer that to covered bridges?

OK well it’s crazy late and I was just sitting here looking at my calendar for tomorrow and there it was, January 6 and then January 8. DOH. So I had to come here and at least acknowledge it! Flying Lizards/TRG – cannot wait to see what your awesome team of champions puts together for us! GOOD LUCK!!!

Really damned cold,


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