Porsche to Ferrari

Hi Pat,

Well everybody’s abuzz today with news that Flying Lizard Johannes van Overbeek is moving to Extreme Speed Motorsports to drive a Ferrari with Scott Sharp. Wow will that make things interesting! Flying Lizard sent out a press release on it today, and there’s a little more, including reaction from his new team, over at AmericanLemans.com right HERE. As usual, I have no clue what more this might mean, what’s gone on behind the scenes. I hope it’s a good thing for everyone.

Not much going on here. Still working through noon on Christmas Eve. Then I’m off for a few days. I put on a Santa hat yesterday, fired up the 911, and went to several Porsche-related destinations to drop off little packages of Christmas candy – my mechanics, my friends at PSDS/Barber, etc. I have a few packages lined up by the door for shipping around the country (Colorado, Arizona, Georgia, Maryland) but there’s no time to get them posted until tomorrow if I’m lucky, maybe not until next week. We’ll be off to Atlanta this weekend, looking forward to that.

Where are you? In Cali with family? Doing fun car stuff? Back from Germany? Zipping around in your Cayenne doing your holiday shopping – or do you have PEOPLE to do that for you? Hahaha! Well wherever, whatever, you know I wish you all the best for a Merry Christmas and super Happy New Year!



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