Looking Ahead

Hi Pat,

OK well the announcements are starting to trickle in about the 2010 season. Flying Lizard just published a press release saying that you and Jorg will be back in the #45 for the coming year. I keep hearing that Kevin Buckler/TRG is trying to get you into one of their Porsches, but no big announcement there yet. The 24 Heures du Mans invites went out a month or so ago, and I know you probably have several options there – or not, depending what agreements you already have in place. I guess I will just have to sit tight with the rest of the world to see what’s up for 2010!

Of course, I tried to get Franz Blam talking about 2010 when I was in the shop on Monday. With a gleam in his eye, he admitted that it will be quite a big job to make the Flying Lizard Porsches competitive with some of the teams whose 2010 cars are already out (BMW, Ferrari, I think…). I think he said there will be another Ferrari team, too? I have refrained from any further prying and brain-picking. See above re: patience (not my strong suit, can you tell???).

One interesting tidbit from the week concerns the infamous Danica Patrick. She is signed on with a team to drive in some of the “junior” NASCAR races this year, while keeping her IRL schedule. Here in Birmingham, Alabama, we are super excited about Indy cars coming to Barber in April. And for my birthday, no less! Thank you, IRL! Haha! Danica has her fans and detractors, to be sure. If she were dog-ugly, I think she’d actually have it easier. Instead, she’s accused of pretty-girling her way to the top. Personally, I think that is BS. Either you can drive, or you can’t. And let’s face it – the girl CAN drive. Danica seems to have some talent, and she seems to have earned her stripes.

Now in some cases, criticism is warranted. Women in motorsports are always going to stand out, always going to be lightning rods for criticism and controversy. In this regard, I do wonder about Milka Duno’s talent and ability. She hasn’t really earned her way up – she’s been handed some awesome opportunities. She has the power of the Venezuelan government (and CITGO) behind her, and has the best of everything at her disposal. On the one hand, Duno has blazed some trails for women in motorsports, scoring the best finish for a woman driver at Daytona and things like that. On the other hand, she seems so inconsistent, and occasionally displays some serious gaps in her performance. I get the idea that Milka is one who HAS pretty-girled her way to where she is. Which pisses me off because it makes it that much harder for truly talented women to compete and make their way through the ranks.

How did I get onto all that? 2010! Yeah. So anyway, hurry up and tell us what you’re doing. Your fans have plans to make! Oh how I’d love to be at Daytona, or Sebring…sigh! I’ll have to see the schedule for the year and see if there’s any way. As of 2010, I am officially saving for a trip to Lebanon (my late father’s homeland) so big travel will probably be limited, or very budget-minded. In the meantime, I’m so lucky to be within an easy drive of both Barber, Road Atlanta, and even Talladega. So I can always get to something close when the urge strikes.

It’s a cloudy, bitter cold day today. I hope you are warm and snuggly, wherever you are!

DeGrinching as I Type,


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