When Opportunity Knocks

Hiya Pat,

Just when I thought I was done for the year, I got an email about an open track day at Little Tally – this Saturday. I absolutely cannot “afford” it. My husband is still unemployed (he’s found a job but his start date is iffy) and it’s been tight. But I have my priorities! I worked it out to bring My Real Driving Coach with me at no extra cost and he’s available and voila! SEAT TIME! Now I just have to get my brakes bled and I’m good to go. My Real Driving Coach may be able to help me with that as well. I wish I could pay him what he’s worth, but he’s offering a really low rate for a day of coaching and I appreciate the break – it’s going to be awesome! Of course if he can do my brakes I’ll be sure to compensate him for that as well. Seat time! Seat time! Woot!

And the good news is, even if My Real Driving Coach ends up not being able to make it, I know a whole bunch of awesome drivers who will be there, and they have assured me I will not lack for company in the car if I let them know. My Real Driving Coach allowed as how he is really glad for a chance to generate some extra holiday cash, so odds are it’ll work out as planned. I was kind of hesitant to tell my husband what I wanted to do, but I just laid it out there, and he was fine with it. There should be plenty of college football on Saturday to keep him amused. And it’s the cheapest track time around, so that’s good.

As I type, it’s Tuesday night and I have to work all day tomorrow and then my sister and her kids arrive after I get home from work tomorrow night and then we cook, cook, cook and then we get up at 5 and put in the turkey and come 11:00, it’ll be turkey time. I’ve spent a good bit of time getting everything ready, shopping, cleaning, food prep. I’ve made up a couple of dishes which will finish cooking on Thanksgiving Day. Squash casserole is underway right now. My niece asked if I’d teach her how to bake a Red Velvet cake from scratch, and I am all about sharing the kitchen love. So we will be up late Wednesday night doing that.

Well I just stopped in to report on my track day this Saturday. I am psyched for the opportunity to get out there. Yaaaaay!

Hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving wherever you are!


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