Had I Been Paying Attention

Hey Pat,

Had I been paying attention, I’d have noticed your post over a week ago about the Central American GT Championship race you ran in Costa Rica – and won pretty spectacularly, along with setting a track record, then shattering your own record. Way to make a first impression! Ha! OK well I have no idea what I’m talking about – I don’t know if you’ve done that race before or anything like that. But wow! Looks like there is very little “off season” for you. I will have to keep an eye and ear out.

Speaking of not having any idea what I’m talking about, I will be very curious to see what you end up driving in the 24 heures du Mans this year. I saw that the first round of invitations went out last week to all the championship winners in various series and classes. Your ALMS championship with Joerg gets you a seat that way, but I know from last year that you have all kinds of partnerships with all kinds of teams and drivers and organizations. I’ll just have to wait and see what you’re up to.

And speaking of alliances, Kevin Buckler has dropped your name a couple of times recently. He’s putting together quite a stable of cars for the coming year, and I think I read that his bunch, TRG, is running five cars in the Rolex series (!?!) along with a NASCAR entry and lord knows what-all else. I just cannot keep up with this stuff. One thing I can say for sure is that you keep it very interesting and I can’t wait to see what you put together. I’ll be watching!

The coming weeks are starting to look a little nuts for me. We’ll have family to our new place for Thanksgiving. Then I’ll be going to a party with PCA at Barber on Friday 12/5, then leaving straight from there for Atlanta for that Saturday and Sunday to work pit & grid for a big weekend of NASA races. I’ll stay over Monday and help my mom take care of some business in the morning. And if I have the 911, I’ll swing by to introduce my car to Franz before I head back home. Thomas will be in California that week, probably doing Lizardy things.

After that, all bets are off. I’m trying to put together my own off-season plan. Sadly, it looks like my doggone j-o-b is going to get in my way. Instead of getting quieter as folks would expect, my work schedule tends to go totally insane through the holidays. I’ll have to stay close to home. I keep threatening to do this, but I think perhaps a program of racing simulator work would do me some good. I just do not have access to real seat time in the off-season. We shall see – stay tuned!

Happy Turkey, Happy Everything!


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