The Man with the Plan

Dear Pat,

The latest edition of Porsche Panorama came in today’s mail. I was tickled pink to run across a full-page picture of Thomas Blam accompanying the article featuring him. Cool!

Thomas Blam, Rock Star!

The article gives some insight into his process. The years of data on every race, the Excel spreadsheets, the laminated raceday strategy. Wow. I figured it took something like that, and it appears that he has elevated his craft to an art. Wow.

Of course, I sent him an email. In fact, I almost called this post, “Dear Pat Long’s Strategist”! I joked with him that I had some lucky timing to have just gotten his autograph on my helmet a couple of weeks ago, since I’m sure now he will be charging double. Har har! For real, though, uuuber cool. And a really great read. I loved reading about how the team first came together, and how big a part he played in that from the start.

No surprise, you are in there, too. I’d noticed your “Blue Steel” look in your shots modeling the new Lizard gear when they came out about a month ago(?). And of course, you are quoted all over both the feature on Thomas, and the feature on the Petit le Mans.

Speaking of which, we went a couple of weeks with gorgeous weather, but former Hurricane Ida is doing a number on us tonight. My car is tucked under her rain shelter.

I heard some buzz today that the Indy cars were testing out at Barber, and I so wanted to sneak out there and check it out. Alas, that was not to be. I need to go sign up to work the NASA event at Road Atlanta in December. The PCA club party is the Friday night before, when I’d normally be traveling to Atlanta to get up eeearly Saturday morning to work pit & grid. My husband planned to come to the party with me, and I was looking forward to that. Then the Alabama Crimson Tide took the western division SEC title and their game against Florida was scheduled for the same night as the PCA party. Hubby gets a reprieve! I’ll pack the 911 and get dressed up, go to the party at Barber, then keep heading east from there to Atlanta and on to Braselton, arriving pretty late Friday night for the weekend. It’s been agonizing to follow my NASA friends at all the dates I’ve had to miss with them this season, and I am so so so looking forward to seeing them in December.

Some of them are ragging me for working instead of driving RA. They insist I am ready! Just do it! Well, I just don’t think I’m ready. Not for NASA at RA. PCA? Yes. SCCA PDX? Sure. I’d do that. I’m not avoiding the track. I’m avoiding running with this particular club until I get some more seat time under my belt. I knew what to expect from working their events, and I did drive their event at Barber in June, two weeks before my 2nd PCA outing there. So I know of what I speak. I feel kind of funny saying that after acknowledging here that I totally believe in competition and challenging myself to grow as a driver. But part of that is knowing my limits, and those of my car, and despite my descent into defensiveness here, I know I am doing what’s right for me. I actually cannot wait to drive RA, and I’m bringing the 911 for the sole reason that I might be able to get out on the track for parade laps sometime over the weekend.

OK well as usual, I came here intending to make a short post, and I ended up writing my usual novelette. It’s late, and I’m outta here for now.

Running out of gas,


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