Commercial Break: Blogging the Big Contest!

Live Blogging the Contest!

11/3/09 Day 1
1:00 AM Rosie & Tess started in P3 and held this position through the night. Sawyer is P1 and Sheba is P2. By the way, Sawyer has “crossed the Rainbow Bridge.” Chief Strategist for Rosie & Tess predicts a tough race against such a sentimental favorite!
8:00 AM We swapped back and forth with “Sheba” between P2 and P3 all morning. Sawyer holds onto P1.
1:00 PM Rosie & Tess passed Sheba and stayed in P2 for about two hours!
4:00 PM Sheba takes the lead! Sawyer is P2 and Rosie & Tess are P3.
8:00 PM P1 is Sheba 135, P2 Sawyer with 127, and in P3 Rosie & Tess with 98 votes. Sheba has really opened up quite the gap since taking the lead this afternoon. We’ll see what the rest of the night brings!
Midnight – closing out the first day of the competition, Sheba retains the lead, holding P1 with 152 votes. Sawyer is in P2 with 133, and Tess & Rosie have held on to P3 with 108 votes. Their next closest challenger is the Boxer pups with 63 votes. Back tomorrow with another report! Ha!

OK, can we do this until November 9th? Uuuuhh…we’ll see!

Hey Pat,

OK this is totally obnoxious, but I am hitting up everybody to go vote for our dogs in a Dog of the Week contest. You are no exception! Just CLICK HERE and scroll down to see the photo of Rosie & Tess in their cool beds. Click the VOTE button to vote for them, please! If they win, a dog bed will be donated to a rescue charity we’ve chosen.

Rosie and Tess are both rescue dogs, and both had problems when they came to us as puppies. Tess had apparently been abused and she had some serious maladaptive behaviors including fear of all people, even us! Rosie had been hit by a car and had to have a very complex surgery something close to a knee replacement. They have both come a long way, and they are doing great now. Winning this contest would be great for their self-esteem! At last check, they had about seven votes. Ahem! hahah! But for real, we’d love your vote. Pass it on!

Would you believe, that’s all I got for today!

Pimpin the pups!


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