Happy Blogiversary to Us!

Hi Pat,

Well I don’t delude myself by thinking that you read this thing regularly, or even that you have ever seen it at all! And yet? I’ve been at it a year, writing letters to you as if you were my driving coach. I started this blog in October of last year as you were preparing for the Petit le Mans, and I was preparing for my very first track day. And my very first autocross. I had sent a couple of long, babbling emails to you via your management, and I had no clue if you ever saw those either. But I found myself wanting to continue to write to you to tell you stuff, and to ask you stuff. So I did. Except it was kind of weird writing letters that went nowhere. So I made this place for them. And a year later, here we are!

Hi Gina, my one faithful reader!

So anyway, I have a little plan for celebrating our blogiversary, and I hope hope hope it works. With any luck, I will be paying a visit to Franz Blam Racing in Tucker later today.  As long as Atlanta traffic cooperates………..and I better not jinx myself!

It’s late and I’ve got an early day tomorrow so I’ll leave it here.

I hope you are happy, well, and driving fast wherever you are!



One Response to “Happy Blogiversary to Us!”

  1. 🙂 Hi Kathy!

    I doubt i am the ONLY one – just the only one to de-lurk.
    Happy blogiversary and have fun!

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