Raw Data

Hi Pat,

Well I promised results, and this is rather painful, but if you were actually my coach, you’d already know this by now!

BSP 41 VroomGrrl Porsche Carrera 911 white ALSCCA

I didn’t realize until I looked at the final results that I had HIT A CONE. Pfffft. Must have caught one in my big drift through the hairpin on that last run. I’d taken some solace from the belief I’d gotten all clean runs. So much for that!

Oh, and really? I came in last. The one guy I came in ahead of got one run that was DNF – because his car broke! Le sigh.

OK well I am not going to belabor this. It is what it is, and it ain’t pretty, but what the hell. I’ll be back out there in November. And I will be sure my car (AND PARTICULARLY THE TRANSMISSION) are fully warmed up and ready to go before I hit the course for my first run.

One idea that I’m tossing around is focusing on this type of driving for next year, instead of trying to do both track weekends and autocross events. If I focus on autocross, I can do many more events because they are easier on the car and on the bank account. By attending events of several districts within easy reach, I could come close to driving every single week. THAT would be awesome, and might provide enough continuity for me to actually build my skills, too, which would be super awesome. And without doubt, improving my car handling in AX would make me a much more confident driver on the big tracks.

I am going to seriously consider this. I will always want to be out at the track for the PCA, NASA and SCCA club events, and I might drive Little Tally again next year, but especially given the toll on my car this year and the costs I’m looking at just for basic maintenance after a light track year, I’m thinking a year of autocross may be the way to go. It would be nice to actually make some progress, and, dare I say it, become competitive? Now there’s a thought!

Should I be checking the Camping World Series truck races to see if you are doing any of that these last few weekends? You’re not going to show up in a car at Talladega this weekend are you? Now that might be fun! If you do, don’t be shy, let me know. I’m just an hour from there.

Tomorrow I’m off to Atlanta for a day trip. With any luck, I will get by the Franz Blam Racing shop in Tucker. Fingers crossed. I’ve worked out the logistics so that I can actually plan to have them do some work for me. I can borrow my mom’s car while my Pcar is over there. Easypeasy. Just need to figure out the time and financing. Meanwhile it’ll be nice to see who’s who and what’s what over there.

Road trippin again,


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