You Know What They Say About Plans…

Hey Pat,

This will be short because I am whooped!

Beautiful day for autocross. It was a great competition between friendly rival clubs. I got to work grid, which I love! But I wasn’t able to do all the course walking I wanted to. And so that plan to have a plan didn’t exactly work out as I thought it might. But I was able to come up with a plan, and it seemed like a pretty good one. When it worked, it was good, anyway.

However I had some problems with my car. My gearbox started acting wonky going into second, and the skip returned with a vengeance. The gearbox was a real timesuck on my first run. The second was better, and by the third, I’d figured a work-around for the gearbox issue. The skip was a power suck and thus also a bit of a time suck also. I haven’t seen the results but I’m sure my first run was about 90 seconds! And a DNF since I lost concentration and missed a feature. My second run was probably just as slow but clean. My third run, at a, was my last run of the morning. My three afternoon runs were a little better – my best was a The FTD was so I was further off than I like to be. And I came in second to the last of twenty-three novices!

One more event of the season to come.

I’ve looked at some of the video I took and I used one angle that allowed me to see my hands, which I think were way too busy. I only got two runs, and again, no sound. But here they are on a YouTube video:

OK I’m outta here. More another day…



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