Top Ten Questions for Pat Long

Hey Pat,

Now that things have quieted down a little in the racing season, I thought I’d toss out a few questions that have been rattling around in my head, things I’d like to ask you. So here we go, my Top Ten Questions for Pat Long:

1. So what does a professional race car driver do once the big season is over? How does it play out for you, I wonder? Porsche is marketing the new Panamera like crazy and I know you have been involved some with that. I imagine Porsche has its own slate of manufacturer responsibilities and things they expect from you. And I guess that’s just the beginning…I get the idea you are not laying around drinking Mai Tais! But what are you doing?

2. Do you coach other drivers? If so, how do drivers go about hooking up with you for that?

3. Do you ever get scared behind the wheel? Driving a new car, a strange car, a strange track, facing a wreck, going in hotter than planned or getting looser than planned? What scares you in the car, and how you deal with fear in the car?

4. What about the project car you teased us about earlier in the season, the one you were going to show us when you were at Long Beach?

5. How do you feel you do at balancing professional and family/personal life? What things do you do to achieve that balance? I imagine your family and friends might get some more of your time in the off-season. And your girlfriend! It’s got to be tough to build new relationships while you travel so much.

6. Are you involved in any charities?

7. What kind of things are at the top of your personal professional agenda, I wonder? I know you have your own business, Patrick Long Motorsport. But I mean separate from the demands of teams, corporations, manufacturers of cars and other products you’re involved with, what are your goals these days? I’ve read your comments about wanting to be a well-rounded driver who can drive anything, and I’ve watched your foray into NASCAR with interest (awesome job!). Are you meeting your goals? Setting new ones?

8. I’m still curious if you ever take any kind of “lucky charm” along when you race, or whether you have any superstitions or pre-race rituals as you get ready to take the wheel.

9. What would be your top three driving tips for a beginning high performance driver in a 21 year old air-cooled rear-engine RWD 1988 911?

10. What kind of physical conditioning do you think most benefits you when you are in the race car?

BONUS QUESTION! What do you think about the fact that a wacky 48 year old woman in Birmingham, Alabama is keeping a blog called “DEAR PATRICK LONG: LETTERS TO MY IMAGINARY DRIVING COACH”?

Feel free to answer in the comments.

And speaking of comments, what would it take to bring my one faithful reader out of the woodwork to say hello in the comments? A prize of some sort? Is there more than one of you out there reading this thing with any regularity? VroomGrrl would love to know!



One Response to “Top Ten Questions for Pat Long”

  1. I read both of your sites with regularity, though I have let my own blog collect cobwebs. More interested as a follower I guess.

    I just wanted to tell you that I really like your questions. Very well thought out and I really hope he answers! Wouldn’t that be cool?

    Keep up the great work. I love hearing about your hobby, I can tell you really enjoy it.

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