Fun Run

Hi Pat,

It’s been a super busy time, but I’m hanging in there with the car schedule. Yesterday was my local PCA FallFest which involved a little car show, fun run, and barbecue. It was hosted by a company owned by a guy who has something to do with TRG – perhaps you know him. He was a fantastic host – his facility is gorgeous and we had a great time there. Incredible art collection, by the way.

The fun run was fun – I went in the first group which promised a “spirited” drive. Spirited it was! However, there came a time when my bladder forced me to take a detour. I lost them and picked up another group, then lost them and picked up a guy who was lost. We fired up the GPS and got back to the starting point around the same time as everyone else, no harm, no foul. Turns out we got most of the drive accomplished, and it was pretty damned fun on some twisty, hilly back roads. The guys in my group were a leetle nuts, and a bad influence! Haha!

For the last part, going back to the start point, I was behind a gorgeous red 1989 944. That thing had the most awesome growl-to-a-scream exhaust note, I told him when we got back that I didn’t care about the rest of the cars, I had as much fun as I possibly could have listening to his gorgeous exhaust the whole way! And I meant it.

Tons of photos HERE.

And a video I put together:

Next Sunday is my local SCCA chapter’s tenth points event of the season. My car feels like it is skipping again and I am not sure what I’m going to do about it. It should be OK for autocross. Then, who knows.

In the meantime, she’s enjoying her temporary garage!

Another big week ahead at work. There’s stuff I feel like I “should” have done today, but for some reason, yesterday whooped my ass, all that fun-having! I had to have some time to catch up with myself around the house. With a replay of some Monteray Historics racing on SpeedTV, I did some cooking, cleaned up, then detailed my stove and refrigerator, and now I’m doing the ever-exciting laundry! Woo! Must have clothes to wear this week, after all. Ah, the mundane things in life. ANY. WAY. Great weekend, big week ahead, I’m outta here!



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