Just for Fun

Hiya Pat,

I’m on the road again, spending a night in north Alabama. It’s been a long day and tomorrow promises to be longer. Still, here I am, winding down with the computer in my lap for a few minutes.

I thought it’d be interesting to take a look at the finish of Sebring in 2007, and maybe my one loyal reader will enjoy checking this out:

That was much less clearly bad behavior, I think, than what we saw at Laguna Seca. And still, it seemed outrageous at the time, Melo driving Bergmeister into the wall. I don’t know. Is it my fan-tinted glasses? No worries. It was hard racing, and IMSA has delivered the message for next year.

And boy do we have a great year to look forward to! I wish I had time and money to travel to some of these races. I love being close enough to Road Atlanta that I can get over there for Petit le Mans every year, but there’s certainly more to racing than Petit le Mans! I’m going to go look right now at a map of France and figure out where my cousin lives relative to Le Mans. Ooook about six hours. Well! Wouldn’t it be fun to meet my cousin, then rent a car for the journey to the race? Actually a train would probably be a better choice. If I can’t take my dream trip to Beirut for my 50th birthday, my back-up plan will be to make the 24 Heures du Mans. Now that’s what I call a back-up plan!

I  hate that the Legends class at PSDS was canceled for the Fall. I’d love to have a chance to shake your hand in a quieter setting than the grid just before a big race. Someday….and while we’re at it, hop into my 88 911 and give me some pointers on handling the old girl around the track.

OK it’s raining again. I’m watching the end of this Dale Earnhardt biography and then it’s off to bed and up at 4:30 to do some top secret gubmint work!

Over and out,


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