Congratulations, Flying Lizards!

Hello Pat!

Wow I’m still so wired and excited! How do YOU guys sleep on a night like this, I wonder??

Just got Jennifer’s preliminary report on the race. I’m looking forward to seeing the race tomorrow, especially the finish. Just…wow! I have to say again you were a class act when they interviewed you in the pits as you were watching the last laps. You will see those guys all year next year, God willing, and your response showed great wisdom. Theirs indicates that they’re going to be pains in the ass! But anyway! YOU WON!!! I knew you could do it and I can’t wait to watch tomorrow and see exactly just how you pulled it off. You did a little interview on SpeedTV where you said something like, “Why change up our strategy now when it’s worked all year? We’re in it for victories, every race.” And that is exactly how you win a race, you have to be out to win it, don’t you? Well you guys were waaaaay out there and I’m so completely happy for you!


Proud Lizard Fan,


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