Hi Pat,

What else to call this post? I am high as a kite after a really great day driving at Little Talladega. I was able to hear some of this morning’s sessions live – technology is so awesome when it works. I got home and fired everything up here, and there you are, leading GT2! Way to freakin go! So proud and happy for you. Just over an hour to go.

I’m sitting on my front porch with my laptop in my lap, the sounds of your race coming to me live. I’ve got both the team radio and coverage going. I’ll enjoy watching it tomorrow!

My on-board camera worked really well today. I got lots of footage. I only wish I’d gotten my last session! My driving rather sucked compared to the rest of the day, but I had a couple of unique experiences: chasing a cop with blue lights flashing, and running from one! It was the same car, a 2001 Carrera campaigned at events by a local police department. It has the word “SEIZED” on a windshield banner. Anyway that was kind of funny. I confess, I had a visceral distraction with the blue lights all over the track. They need to re-rig the lights so they can have headlights without all the flashing.

I think I just heard somebody comment, “Bastard” on team radio. Was it “faster”? Hee!

Obviously I’m only half paying attention while I’m typing. And formatting video. And uploading cell phone photos, then grabbing the code to enter here.

Your pit stop in ten minutes.

More later…

OK Joerg – that was an awesome move getting back in front of Magnussen! Oh my Lord. Love the commentators and their excitement. Very dramatic, next best thing to being there. “Bergmeister somehow found a gap, I don’t know where he found it, brilliant! Bergmeister will not be hassled!”

No way. All four wheels in the pit lane? “That will be looked at by the officials.” WTF. Patrick’s take” I’m not sure what the rule is, anyways this is a great figh. These flying lizards never give up….the Corvette guys are a class act. We think we got a little bit of a penalty cone…calling for Magnussen to let us by.” Don’t pull em in for stop/go, just let the other car by because he gained the advantage by going four wheels off in the pit lane. Magnussen went straight through the chicane and you can do that but not to gain advantage.


Snows hanging on in Challenge. Fernandez closer than he’s been all race – can he get off the inside? He’s got a chance. GT2 cars across the line, no checkers yet, one more lap because the leaders are behind you. The leaders cross – Gil de Ferran bows out with a victory just like he did with Indy.

Now down to the GT2 battle. Magnussen’s off, the Lizards take it. They say Magnussen went around the outside, dropped into the dirt, and gathered it up, still 5 car lengths behind. Joerg is holding on – drag race to the line. Magnussen will do anything to stick his nose in there. Bergmeister put him into the wall. HUGE incident. Almost inevitable. Bergmeister by a second, Magnussen in the wall!

I don’t think I can take all the excitement!

More later….

Commentary – In fairness, Magnussen ran through him in the final corner. Bergmeister got across him and Magnuson turned right into the leader. Pat Long’s comments? That’s never what we want to see. There was a questionable hit into the last corner, a little bit of retaliation? A little bit of payback.

Pat, you were such a gentleman. They interviewed Magnussen right before you and he was a whiney bitch! GRADUATE OF THE JUAN PABLO MONTOYA SCHOOL OF CRY BABY POST-RACE INTERVIEWS WAAAH WAAAH WAAH! You took the high road and you shone by doing so.


I’m wiped out. Whew. So glad I heard it all live. I cannot WAIT to see the finish on the replay tomorrow.

Oh wait. Joerg’s interview. “Jan hit me in the last corner, that’s his only chance to get next to me. He started it and I wasn’t giving that one away. I am sorry he hit the wall, but that’s racing….I’m still shaking honestly.” Way to go!

They’re going to try to interview Jan again. He was too pissed to talk earlier. Joerg shows up while radio is there. “A class act.” Jan has been taken off to the medical center. He’s a little bit shook up. Uh yeah, we heard him give an interview. They just want to be sure he’s OK. They are not admitting that Magnussen did anything to contribute. I’m going to have to call this guy a FUCKER.

FUCKER! God. Feehan: “They said he shortcut it someplace. It LOOKED like there was racetrack there. We will have to have a look at the tape and ascertain what happened before we make any comments.” Feehan is an idiot. IMSA could have given a stop/go. They are reviewing the end. They better not issue any penalties. There were no penalties of any kind at Sebring two years ago so….

OK. Really really out of gas here!




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