Track Toys

Hi Pat,

Wow does my car feel soooooooo much better with all six cylinders firing properly! Awesome! I’m so tickled! And probably way too excited about my track day tomorrow. My GoPro Hero wide angle motorsports camera arrived this week, and I’ve got that all figured out and ready to plunk onto my car with the suction mount. If the weather holds, I’ll take it for a test drive this evening. I’ve got to get my act together pretty quickly so that I can be in bed by 10 and up by 4. Wooooo! Haha!

Let me go see how things went for you today in practice and qualifying…

Ookay you’re still at it! I’m going to go listen in – I know there’s live streaming somewhere. Back later.


Well Radio Le Mans was FUBAR so I missed that, but my phone chimed to let me know that the news was in by text. P5 for #45. I took a quick look at how things went today – new shocks front and rear for #45, and some serious tweaks on #44 as well. So I’m guessing the mad scientists were really at it behind the scenes. I’m not sure how it’ll work out to listen in during the day tomorrow. I’ll bring the technology and if it works out that I can set it up and get Radio le Mans going, I will check your race out for sure.

The weather has cleared for a bit. I’m going to take the car out to gas her up, and test out the camera. I’m not a technically gifted person by any means, and if possible, I’d like to get it set up tonight so that I can literally just clamp it on tomorrow, hit the shutter, get into the car, and go. While we have a break, I need to get the Rain-X going, too. I got most of my stuff loaded into the car just before the skies opened up on us earlier.

In case I don’t get back here, I am rooting for you guys with everything I’ve got. I envision you as literally men on a mission, your eyes honed on your goal, your laser vision seeing your way through the race to right where you want to be. GO GO GO GO GO! I’ll listen in if I can.

Bye for now,

PS I have now packed, unpacked, and repacked all my stuff enough times that I have no clue where to find anything. I’d say I’m ready!!


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