Joy Ride

Dear Pat,

It was a gorgeous day for a joy ride today.  I headed to see my car guys at noon and rode shotgun as the head mechanic took the wheel and took my car for a look-see. He experienced the same stuttery thing, but I still hoped the answer would be, “It’s nothing! Shut up and drive!” They hooked my car up to a machine that looks like an EKG machine and it showed how the cylinders were firing. One thing led to another and a bad plug wire was declared to be the culprit. Alas, the 20-year-old style plug wire was not in stock. So I had to leave the car. I’ll get it tomorrow, just in time for the DE on Saturday. No matter how far ahead I start to do these things, it always seems to pile up to the last minute.

Of course, when I came home, I remembered I had a whole damned bag of spares that I figured probably had what we needed. These were among boxes and boxes of stuff that came with my car from the previous owner (LOVE him). I’m not sure what condition they’re in, but I’ll run them by the shop in the morning on my way to work. Actually I emailed a photo to my mechanic and he just emailed back to say it’s exactly what we’re looking for. My husband will drop me off there first thing and hopefully I’ll soon be back underway.

I had a problem with posting these photos last night. I hope I can get them to work tonight. My friend GreaseGirl took hundreds of photos at the Petit le Mans. I found these among them, and cropped them a bit to fit here. Originals can be found on her photo site HERE. I found a couple of both #44 and #45.

Sitting outside tonight with my husband, enjoying the nice evening, I found myself all full of nervous energy. I am so excited about getting to drive on Saturday! I’ve already got most of my stuff ready to go, waiting downstairs by the front door. I’ll park the 911 out front tomorrow night to get loaded up, and then I’ll have to be pulling out by 5:00 on Saturday morning. If we can believe The Weather Channel, it may well be pouring rain. I’ll be ready.

Packing up the poncho,


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