Midnight Oil

Hi Pat,

Wow has work been a grind. But it’s going along OK and so far, not interfering with other things. I just wrapped up some research and my mind is abuzz so I’m winding down with a post to you.

The internet brought some sad news from the weekend. There was a crash at one of our most beloved local events, the Crow Mountain Hill Climb. The creator of CoolShirt, whom I believe you know, died of injuries sustained in a crash on Saturday. It’s so heartbreaking to have such a huge presence ripped away. I didn’t know him personally, but he was dear to my local club friends, who are bereft.

You may not be surprised to hear that My Real Driving Coach called this morning to cancel our afternoon ride. They had a small group and planned to finish the school session early to accommodate beginning of load-in for the big weekend ahead – the 5th Annual Barber Vintage Festival. It’s all about the vintage motorcycles, and the folks I know who work behind the scenes, mainly the mechanics who maintain the Barber Vintage Museum’s vast fleet of vintage bikes and cars, have been hustling and bustling for weeks. I may actually go out there on Sunday.

But Saturday, I’ll be at the track. And you’ll be at Laguna Seca. The buzz is going in the media about the championships that will be determined this weekend. I may bring my laptop so that if I have any down time, I can listen to the live streaming coverage of your race from Radio Le Mans and Flying Lizard team radio.

I hope you have better weather than we had for the Petit le Mans! My friend and fellow novice driver Diana got her photos from the Petit weekend posted online today, and the rooster tails on the track are pretty awesome! You appeared to be going 11/10ths when I had the chance to observe you out there. I know the mantra for this weekend is “stay out of trouble,” but I’ve also read your comments on going at it that way. Fine line – and I can’t wait to see what you guys do with it!

It’s past time for me to solve my car storage problem. We have implemented a temporary fix, erecting a 10×10 foot shade tent in the driveway. This did well last night to keep the rain out of my car. I may get a more permanent temporary garage. First I have to see what my next car repairs are going to run me! I thought that stuttering on acceleration was gone, but it’s back. I’ve pretty well ruled out gas as the issue. It’s like a misfire, maybe a bad plug connector? Or fuel pump or fuel filter or fuel line-related. I’m putting my mechanic behind the wheel on my lunch break tomorrow to see what he thinks. Mainly I want to be sure it’s not something that will cause any harm to the car if I run the hell out of it this weekend. I don’t want to kill the car!

My replacement car numbers should be here soon. And also my in-car camera. My center caps came in today’s mail. I love eBay! I’m pulling things together. Watching some track videos. Speaking of which, I watched some of Laguna Seca and hoooooly hell does that look like some fun!

Alright. Midnight oil is about to run out here.

Bye for now,


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