Uh Oh – Math!

Hi Pat,

Jennifer does such an awesome job with media for the Flying Lizard team. I was reading the latest news update over there, and getting the latest on the GT2 championship standings for you guys. I’m a little embarrassed to say that the math involved makes my head hurt!

…[I]f the No. 45 finishes tenth or better (and completes 70 percent of the overall leader’s race length, which is required to score points), Bergmeister and Long will win the GT2 drivers’ championship and Flying Lizard will win the team championship – no matter where the No. 62 finishes. With third place worth 18 points, if the No. 62 finishes third or worse, the No. 45 will win the championship, even if they do not finish the race.

That kind of makes it sound like a sure thing. But don’t we all know better! Even finishing is never guaranteed. And I kind of feel like taking that out for risk of jinxing the whole thing! (delusions of grandeur, anyone??) Anyway, as complicated as the standings math may be, there’s a race to be driven – and WON. The BMWs and Vettes have been really mixing things up, and maybe the Jag will make it into the mix this time out. The Farnbacher Loles #87 has been strong this season. And your paddock neighbor, #62 Risi Competizione Ferrari, they are not going down easy, are they?

But….THEY ARE GOING DOWN. Yes folks, you read it here first! OK OK I’ve read about the strategy, and I’ve heard the radio chatter and a little about how that works. No big risks, and keep your eye on the target. Which may not necessarily be to chase down and pass the GT2 leader at any cost. Eh – enough. What do I know? I hope I can find a replay of the race after the weekend.

Speaking of which, it’s time for me to go review some lap videos from the track I’m driving this weekend. I’ve found that mental preparation in advance of my spaced-out track days really helps me make the best of it once I’m out there. So I’m doing a little studying up every night this week.

Preparing to vroom,


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